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An episodic campaign alternative to HotZone.


In the remote high country of Sorcerers Isle, the Iron Circle retrieves powerful artifacts from the hands of those unfit to understand them, usually by force, but sometimes through guile.

You are members of an elite team in service to the Iron Circle, responsible for seizing artifacts desired by the organization.



Character Creation


  • 350 points to spend
  • max 50 in disadvantages
  • max 150 in primary attributes


You may be human or elven, using the following template (from GURPS Fantasy):

Attribute Modifiers: ST-1 [-10]; DX+1
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers:
   Per+1 [5].
Advantages: Appearance (Attractive)
   [4]; Magery 0 [5]; Perfect Balance
   [15]; Telescopic Vision 1 [5];
   Unaging [15]; Voice [10].


You have all been working in the service of the Iron Circle for a decade or more. Prior to that, your backgrounds can be as diverse and mundane or fantastic as desired. What draws you together is a shared profound belief in the mission of the organization: that magic belongs in the hands of mages, and must be collected from those unfit to wield or understand it. This isn't "good" or "evil", so you are probably not a black-hearted demon nor a cherubic do-gooder.

The Iron Circle has little respect for individuals lacking significant magical awareness, and so everyone should have a minimum of 2 levels of Magery. You also should know at least a couple spells, but can focus your points on brawn and gear if desired.

By taking a 10-point Unusual Background and having a backstory for it, you may also each have one Exotic/Supernatural advantage, subject to GM approval. These all have the little lightning and alien icons next to their titles in the Characters book.


Spells can get complicated fast. Limit your spells to one or two colleges. Be familiar with your arsenal, and be ready with a 'standard operating procedure' of how you use your favorite spells (maybe just one or two) so we don't get too bogged down with spell mechanics.


  • Consider having a Wizard's Staff as describe in Magic on p 13.
  • Specialized adventure gear and magical items from Dungeon Fantasy - Adventurers are fine. Magic items must be purchased with character points, at a cost of 1 point per $1000 cost.
  • You may buy power stone(s) by spending 1 character point per power level, with no maximum. Spending 20 points gets you a single 20 point powerstone, or two 10-point stones, etc.


Thendar's Belt

An afternoon on a broad stone balcony overlooking the rocky peaks of Sorcerers Isle, sipping green aloe wine and enjoying a pyrotechnics display by Grazik Mordred, is interrupted with word that the location of an artifact has been discovered. Gravik leads the team to the Iron Gate and provides a quick overview:

Intelligence has been received from a dwarven mystic that a band of warring orcs in the Forbidden Steppes now has giants among their ranks, and there's reason to believe that Thendar's Belt, an ancient artifact that gives the wearer the power to dominate giants, explains the "alliance". The team is to interview the mystic, approach the orcs, and seize the belt. Each team member is (as per usual) given an iron ring to wear upon their middle finger that, if twisted to and fro in a complex pattern, will transport the wearer back to the Iron Gate.

Grazik drones a few words and the gate begins to resonate with harmonic readiness. One by one, the team leaps through, dissolving into mist and leaving a scent of rainstorm ozone in the room.

They emerge near sunset fatigued and dehydrated (as usual) atop a 40' high round boulder at the bottom of a sparsely treed rocky slope and adjoining a broad and dusty plain. A few hundred yards up the hill, a narrow wisp of smoke snakes up from the trees.

Shota sends her floating crystal eyeball up to inspect the smoke. It comes from a small cooking fire in a shallow cave. A bald dwarf lies face down in the back, and two orcs are laughing at a third who appears entangled in a raspberry bush.

After some discussion, Cloch Mearog magically bends the stone to his will, creating a narrow trough and chute that nearly reaches the ground. After he and Óðinn descend, Aslar Ambrose tumbles down it but is unhurt, and Shota levitates herself down.

The two young warriors begin charging up the hill. Cloch arrives first, and subdues the laughing orcs with ease. Óðinn arrives shortly afterwards and beheads the one in the bush

Meanwhile, the elders have stopped to provide aid to an elderly white wolf with a spear wound.

Once everyone has convened in the cave, the beaten dwarf is awakened, and Shota interrogates a blinded orc while Aslar discusses spruce-raspberry-honey brandy production with the dwarf. It is learned that the orc encampment is two miles south. The orcs are dispatched by a bloodthirsty Óðinn.

Rejuvenated by magical raspberries and a few minutes rest, the team marches south along the boulder strewn plain as sky darkens into night. Upon setting up camp, Cloch runs recon and discovers the orc encampment, complete with a 15' tall giant. He returns, and all sleep until a bit past dawn.

The orcs are on the move, creating a dust cloud visible a mile away. The young warriors begin a direct intercept course, while the elders take a more cautious approach, intending to come upon the war party from behind.

Some minutes later, at a range of just a few dozen yards, Óðinn and Cloch are spotted, and the orcs attack. Aslar and Shota break into a run to try and catch up while the battle rages. Cloch turns to stone, and wooden spear tips bounces uselessly off him. Óðinn has the questionable privilege of engaging the enslaved giant, and is nearly killed after grievously wounding the towering foe.

Shota arrives and fires ice daggers into multiple combatants as the orcs' morale is broken and they begin to scatter.

Cloch strips the orc leader and finds the fabled belt, worn ignorantly by the primitive subhuman.

The team twists their iron rings to return to base, leaving the two dozen bloodied orcs and nearly slain giant behind on dusty plain. Mission accomplished.


Run by Dan, synopsis here: Gargoyles


Run by Traci.

The Teeth of Dalva-Nar

After an evening of tornado control magic demonstrations and cool green aloe wine served by lovely half-elf serving girl Vera, the team is summoned to retrieve the Teeth of Dalva-Nar. The powerful sorcerer Akhenaten is on his way to Saint Norbert to purchase the magical teeth from the Duke of the city, and the team must intervene.

After stepping through the Iron Gate, the party arrives on a ledge, after dark, in the rain. Cloch Mearog quickly loses patience with the logistic conundrum and begins a free descent down the muddy cliff in the dark. He is first to spot the camp of portly merchant Dedilaeus taking shelter in a shallow cave at the base of the cliff. Pixie walks down the cliff and joins him, before ascending with the merchant's rope to assist the rest of the team.

Dedilaeus tells a tale of giant lion-eagle-dragons, a commander and his army, and the party inspects the remains of a mostly-devoured horse. A meal and drinks are pursued, and the party sleeps until morning in the humble camp.

The trek to Saint Norbert is short, and Pixie and Boris confirm the tracks of large felines and a dozen or so booted feet. Prior to the city though, one set of boots continues, and the main contingent leaves the road in the direction of a high rocky hill. The party decides to proceed into town.

The gates to Saint Norbert stand wide open, and the stench is detectable a half mile out. Dedilaeus navigates the party to the duke's castle. The drawbridge is up, and two face-masked guards stand in a booth near the sewage-filled moat.

Pixie attempts to negotiate passage due to important business, which the guards take to mean carnal delights. One descends a staircase in the booth and disappears. Time passes, and an elder, bare-chested priest appears, explaining that the duke is leaving the city this afternoon on important business of his own, but please, return tomorrow night.

Akhenaten's zombies

Unable to tolerate further delay, Boris shoots the guard, and the party infiltrates the booth and proceeds down the stairs. A whistle blows, and the city is now on high alert. In a tunnel under the moat, Cloch plows through a squad of guards with his spiked gauntlets, and soon the party is within the castle.

With alchemists' fire and brawn, the party fights its way up towards the chambers of the duke. Pixie climbs and floats up from a central flowery courtyard to spy her first Mord Sith, and later uses her ephemeral form to unlock a door and allow the party entrance to the upper levels of the keep. Aslar Ambrose dodders.

Finally, after killing more of the duke's repulsive priests and losing track of Aslar, the party finds much of the four-story keep to be empty, and circles back towards the front gate. Meanwhile, Aslar has met up with Kiri, who explains that she has no great love for the duke, but that his highness is en route to the rocky hills east of town to meet up with none other than Akhenaten. Kiri invites the old man to follow, but explains she won't be waiting around.

The party retraces their steps and follows and underground tunnel to a guard station elsewhere in the convoluted city. The south gates have been closed in response to the violence, but a few well-placed crossbow bolts solve that problem, and the party makes its way south to pick up the tracks of the sorcerer and his unholy entourage.

Aslar falls behind but soon emerges from an old well at a farmhouse, and picks up the trail to the meeting up in the rocky hills. Along the way, he crosses paths with the rest of the party. Reunited.

Atop the mountain, in a ring of great boulders, the party spies the duke, the Mord Sith mercenaries, and close to a dozen city guards negotiating with Akhenaten and his zombies and skeletal warriors. They move in to get a closer look, but soon Kiri demands action when she shouts: "sisters! kill them all!"

Bloody combat ensues, with the party gradually drawn in. Cloch finds the skeletal warriors particularly challenging, as they seem immune to kinetic attacks, and only through careful grappling (whilst in stone form) and Aslar's rain of fire are the creatures dispatched along with their hideous vulture-lions.

While his black zombies are being slaughtered by Mord Sith mercenaries, Akhenaten slinks away into the trees.

Soon, the party has the injured duke in hand, with cautious Mord Sith standing nearby. The 100lbs of diamonds, carried by the zombies to the transaction, are promised to the duke under Kiri's control, and then the duke allows the magical silver teeth to be extracted from his mouth, and the team teleports back to the Iron Circle, successful once again.

Grogle's Axe

Kalon in Lila's body

Short-staffed due to the appearance of epic artifacts ripe for seizure all over Gurth, Grazik Mordred summons two operatives who have never worked together, Kalon and Krokus. On the broad stone balcony overlooking the peaks of Sorcerers Isle, while Lulu and Lila offer green aloe wine, Grazik makes his case for immediate departure:

Yet another artifact capable of dominating giants has emerged. Grogle's Axe, it is said, will empower a human warlord to behead the king of the mountain giants who dominate the peaks and valleys of the Ozgarn Mountains east of Dwarven Lands.

Importantly, the giants believe this legend, but the soothsayers of Sorcerers Isle prefer an alternate prophecy, and in case they are wrong, a team must be deployed to seize this axe before its current possessor, Kahn Sai, is allowed to test the competing prophecies.

Satisfied, Krokus gives Lulu a rough kiss and jumps through the Iron Gate.

Kalon pauses before reaching out to Lila -- and in so doing, possesses her body and uses it to follow Krokus into the void, familiar raven in tow.

The two emerge in a rough and rocky ravine through which a stinking creek flows. After explaining the body-switch, Kalon (in Lila's form) mounts Krokus' shoulders and they begin hiking upstream, where the raven has identified some human habitation.

The creek is the tribe's latrine, and Kalon soon encounters a portly matron who invites him back to the camp but insists that the enormous Krokus stay away, far away.

In no time, armed sentries approach, Krokus is taken into custody, and Kalon inhabits the body of his intended captor, awakening the real Lila, who emerges first confused, and then furious. However, Kalon's diplomacy prevails, and she agrees to a plan of subterfuge so as to increase her standing within the Iron Circle.

Kalon, as the horseclan warrior, carries the squirming Lila into the warriors' camp higher in the forested hills, announcing the seizure of "booty" for Kahn Sai.

Meanwhile, Krokus has allowed himself to be disarmed and is being led up to the camp as a prisoner.

Kalon and Lila are allowed to enter the chief's tent and approach. A handshake secures the mission, as Kalon transfers his consciousness into Kahn Sai, snatches the teleportation ring, and disappears with the axe. Lila and Krokus soon follow.

Back at headquarters, Kalon is resplendent now in the body of Kahn Sai, Krokus somewhat disappointed not to have wetted his blade, and Lila beaming about her role in the adventure.

Diadem of Sobki

Djoser, now inhabited by Kalon

Kalon and Krestifax were sent on a mission by Grazik to retrieve the Diadem of Sobki, held by the despotic pharaoh Djoser, and being used to control a land of the living and an army of the undead in an attempt to conquer the world, in the name of the crocodile god, Sobki of the Ogdoad, a group of minor but extremely old creation gods.

The heroes landed in a cemetery, quickly identified by Kalon. After a short time they were found by some workers. The team acts their way out of the cemetery and find their way into the nearby city.

They quickly find a massive bazaar in hopes of better blending in. However, in an attempt to blend in better Krestifax failed to daze a police officer lured into an alley by a harmonious plundering. But it was ok, because with one mighty swing of his falchion Kalon/Khan sliced clean through the torso of the police officer. An illusion disguise of the cop and a “Wookie prisoner” con of Krestifax helped our adventuring mages escape the prying eyes of the bazaar crowd.

After travelling through the city gaining a spot just outside of the gates of pyramid, Kalon decided to jettison the Khan for a more appropriate body. Krestifax keenly spied a perfect target, a tall, “Walter Mitty”ish guard accountant. Kalon and Krestifax performed a very smooth body switch and slipped unnoticed into the compound, with the help of a quickly recovering, confused lord of the horse clans.

Kalon and Krestifax searched the lower levels of the pyramid complex, until they found a door leading into the main complex. With a little common sense and some info from Kalon’s raven the two work their way into the main temple/sacrificial area.

The progress was smooth until running into a group of keenly aware lesser priest/guards. The heroes quickly assumed the “Wookie” ruse and approached the group. First, the leader of this priestly group, Red Headband, immediately smells a rat. As the play quickly unravels Kalon attempts a possession of the Red Headband and fails miserably. But following two really good impressions of a mummy by our heroes (meaning they stood there struck dumb by their ineptitude), clueing Red Headband into something stinky, quick thinking and superb acting saves the day for that moment. Kalon/Kareem Abdul Lurch and his sacrificial quarry are suspiciously shown up to the big guns.

They are shown past “former pharaohs” and massed chained sacrificial lambs into a fabulous throne room/ritual area at the top of the pyramid. A fabulously well appointed space with many elite pharaoh guards and high priests, all preparing for the bloody festivities. At the end of the hall, on a massive throne sits an impressive human figure with the head of a crocodile, wearing the Diadem of Sobki and holding a solid staff of gold or platinum. He just sits calmly surveying the scene. There was never, no how any successful conning available to Kalon and Krestifax, their ruse is instantly found out, by the olfactory study by a high priest.

Cue the fabulous kung fu master. Krestifax finally brings out his true gifts and begins throwing down some serious Grasshopper-shit on the guards. Including, after a quick knowing wink from Kalon, a massive kick to Kalon’s chest in the direction of the croc headed pharaoh.

As Krestifax first spectacularly avoids the well aimed halberds of the guards from the ground, then levitates and continues a fantastical acrobatic preservation of himself in midair, mystifying everyone in the room, including the near croc-god on the throne, Kalon painfully crawls towards Djoser. Until he could reach up and clasp his foot, and possess the pharaoh. Flipped his ring up, grabbed the raven, gave Krestifax a wink and “poof”... mission accomplished.

Nimlith Hills Magicks, Part One

Grazik has summoned Rasha, Krokus and General Valligon to the departure patio for an intelligence gathering mission, with the possibility of returning with a magical item, items or soul. They are to investigate the Nimlith Hills/Lake area, where some significant magic/mana disturbances have occurred lately. Grazik suspects an old Druidic-type colleague currently known as Odbgen, but he keeps this information from the crew, as Odbgen is known to be chaotic good and a tricky character.

The three land in a finely wooded dell near a road. Rasha and the General recover quickly, but Krokus is out and must be returned to the isle. With very little to go on, the General sets up a fire as Rasha moves into the woods, particularly verdant and thriving woods, to gather information. Rasha communes with a young bobcat that imparts her pleasure in these woods lately and of a vague darkness to the north. The General, using keen hearing, detects a small group approaching and the two wizards meet Jym and his small family. They share pleasantries and a rabbit before setting out to the north towards Jym's home.

After a few miles, night has now set, they come across an idyllic glen with pond. There is a dim light cast by some guttering torches, and in the light can be seen a figure kneeling by the pond. He is finely attired in expensive armor. Jym stops and shushes the group. The figure stands and runs a sword right through his heart, and falls instantly dead. Rasha's impulsiveness presses him into a dead run towards the fallen knight. As he does, the waters of the pond begin to boil. What looks like an adolescent dragon rises from the waters and surveys the scene. Rasha slows his advance, Jym rushes to his assistance and General Valligon also begins barreling down the slope towards the water, drawing his broadsword. Jym blasts the "dragon" with a lightning blast (much to the surprise of our adventurers, certain that Jym was but an ordinary man...) drawing his attention long enough for Valligon to plunge his broadsword into the beast's chest, delivering a devastating blow if not mortal. The dragon retreats back into the waters.

Jym has shown his cards, he is, in fact, Odbgen, a powerful Druidic-styled shaman and natural wizard. He also reveals his compatriots, the three rangers and his enchantment team, two lesser mages.

They continue to Odbgen's homestead, an ancient longhouse deep in a primal and magic canyon filled with old-growth timber. A fantastic and magical building that is filled with animals and the trinkets of Odbgen's sorcery. He reveals that there is a growing darkness nearby at Nimlith Lake, and that he has been working many strong magicks into articles of great power. Including a torc that camoflages magic, hence Jym's subterfuge. He gives it to Rasha, stating that Rasha's aura stands out like a sore thumb, even in a magical forest, "You're not sneaking up on anybody of importance." And, a powerful bow, Ash. That can be drawn be a one-armed bowman, turns plain arrows into +2 to hit, +1 damage and detects the undead. Among other attributes and a couple glitches: the bow attracts the undead, as well and the bearer has a thick mane of green vines grow out of their head, that needs to be shorn every hour or so.

Rasha is particularly anxious that evening, checking out many details with Odbgen and his abode. Mostly using his mouse, Achmed. Then to scope out the lake using a raven. He found a beautiful but imposing high-country lake. Devoid of life, and even unlife.

Both the General and Rasha sleep fitfully having a similar dream of dying and then seeing the same unsettling figure of a dark queen-like figure approaching them.

Tomorrow, forces are gathered for an afternoon at the lake...

Nimlith Hills Magicks, Part Two

The next day the group hikes from Odbgen's mountain home towards Lake Nimlith and the unknown. Along the way, a less disoriented (but only somewhat less) Krokus arrives on the scene. A noticeable change to the forest becomes apparent to many in the group, a lessening in its verdance and life. A quick plan is hashed out as the group arrives near the falls at the downstream edge of the lake, and the cliffs that need to be scaled to access the lake. A side route is decided upon for some of the party, Krokus, Rasha, and two rangers. A route that will bring them to the middle of the beach and the lake. Odbgen, General Valligon and the remaining ranger decide on a path switchbacking up the cliff. The beach group, upon reaching the beach, disturb a large sentry standing on the beach, Krokus literally falls flat on his face. The sentry is a large, undead orc, skeletonized.

XXX Under Construction XXX

The Shield of Zatilla

Bellaluna, fire-mage

The Shield of Zatilla is the squad's next target, said to make its bearer impervious to attack. This time, the team includes Krokus, Kalon, Valligon, Bellaluna (twin sister of Lulu, and Willy.

The team emerges with a thunderclap in the Zitijan Steppe, beneath a steel gray sky, near a rutted wagon trail.

Farid Maktal is here, driving a covered wagon, flanked by his mounted sons, each with a bow at the ready. Bellaluna and Willy employ their respective charms, and soon the group -- including a dozen girls from the back of the wagon -- is eating and drinking and learning of the Despoiler, a horned beast that is carrying off women and girls. Farid is migrating his family to the big city in the south.

The team bids Farid farewell and heads into the village, which shows no sign of activity as citizens huddle in their huts. Near the center, though, they find a tavern open, where a grizzled barkeep serves her fermented goat milk and agrees to rally a small force to assault the invaders.

Before sunset, the group heads out, with Kalon eventually peeling away in his mysterious way.

The rest of the group sneaks up on the Despoiler's army, which includes 40 orcs and 4 ogres. The Despoiler himself is 13' tall and half as wide, an enormous Minotaur, currently snacking on the roasted carcass of a young girl.

The team leads with alchemical grenades and explosive fireballs. The villagers send volleys of arrows, set afire by Willy's magic staff.

Soon though, the melee begins. Krokus and the General spend the next 10 seconds hacking through orcflesh, casting corpses to either side.

Willy chugs a potion and takes flight as Bellaluna uses her craft to set the Despoiler's head on fire.

Meanwhile, Kalon teleports into position and attempts to master the Despoiler's soul. His necromancy fails, and recoils in horror.

Now aloft, Willy rains down attacks, but the beast retaliates, cleaving Willy's leg from his body and causing him to withdraw to quaff a healing potion.

Three ogres fall to massive belly wounds, courtesy of Krokus and Valligon. The fourth becomes Kalon's slave.

Bellaluna reverts to spear-fighting, impaling multiple orcs, inspiring the survivors to begin their retreat.

Recovering, Willy flies straight down for a crushing staff attack on the Despoiler's flaming skull, ending him.

One by one, the team twists their rings, with Kalon-the-ogre carrying the artifact back to the Iron Circle for safe storage.

Mission Accomplished.

The Dark Obelisk

Being hastily summoned to Lord Mordred late one night, "We send you to the swamps of the distant land of Nouchi, where magic is hoarded by their God-emperor.  We seldom venture there for we need not draw his ire.  Even porting you in will likely draw his gaze.

However,  our agents have found tell of a dark power, ancient beyond the age of the cosmos.   So mysterious and shrouded it evades our normal detection.   For centuries we thought it little more than folk lore or tales to control the ignorant masses,  but enough of these shreds of story coalesce when compared,  that we believe something sinister is behind them.  As many of our previous attempts have failed to yield any concrete evidence we must move quickly and further illuminating you about our speculations cannot be risked.  Know only that often these cults vanish as swiftly as your rings allow you to return here, though to where they go or how our scrying avails naught.  These cults often collect thralls for some dark purpose and it is of this collection or agent made us aware.   Seek out this cult, find for what shadowy purpose they collect people from the villages. Again, know that any magic in the Empire of the Clouds is often swiftly apprehended and captured for or destroyed by the will of the Empire. Discretion is highly advised.   Make haste. Be cautious.   Steel your wits and your nerve and bring back any hard evidence you can of this fell power for our further study."

He then faded into a blur as he incanted the teleportal spell which left the party in an inky black boggy fetid swamp.  Amanda Mordred was immediately unimpressed as her Valtuvian leather mid-heeled dress boots were spattered in muck. She floated up and over the cyprus and swamp brush to notice a starless, moonless overcast sky and some small lights in the distance.

The party approached the lights through the dark swamp, guided by Amanda's night-vision spell.

Approaching the lights, Amanda noticed a small dark-haired woman standing sentry to the village of raised grass and bamboo huts.  Thus they met Shenzi, who was awe-stricken by their magics and frightened by the "oni" or magical ogre, Kalon who used his sorcery to give them common speech.   She led the party to meet Meng Dohz, who Shenzi noted was always an unusual fisherman, but recently has been going mad, rambling late into the night in the language Amanda initially used to communicate to Shenzi before they began to understand one-another.

Meng Dohz, though looking unrested and sickly was snoring as they approached his dark hut.  After rousing him, he was excited the Iron Ring came to rescue him and take him far from the horrors of the swamp where he was entrusted with a magic communication gem he kept buried under a stump off in the bog.  He was only to use the gem if magic returned to Nouchi, the Empire of the Clouds.  When he witnessed what he saw in the swamp a few days past, he used the gem and reburied it so as to not draw the dark riders of the empire upon him.  The party convinced him to lead them to the site where he witnessed some unspeakable horror, when following a dark-cloaked figure, that somehow was luring away villagers, including old man Kohn who could barely walk with a can and a grandchild to aid him, yet he followed the dark-cloaked one into the swamp unaided.  Unnatural.

After Meng Dohz gathered a chain coif and sheathed sword from a hiding spot beneath his hut, the party was off on the 1-2 hour march depending on swamp conditions. About 30 minutes into the journey Amanda's sine-wave surveillance revealed Shenzi had abandoned her post as village sentry and followed the party into the gloom, hoping to join the rebels and see the empire quashed, and maybe to rescue her cousin who reportedly could control water. 

The party began to hear eerie chanting through the bog, Amanda flew ahead and realized the chant had some mind-bending effects, though she was mostly able to overcome them and scout that there were 20 cloaked figures arranged in a loose circle about a 7' dark stone obelisk that made one uneasy to look upon it and to try to decipher the arcane runes glowing slightly in the black-violet light of the dark candles burning about it.

As the Ogre and General tried to slowly and stealthily approach, Amanda witnessed a large purple monstrosity soar down through the clouds and alight atop the obelisk, emitting a mind-rending shriek.  No matter how she tried to view the faces within the dark cloaks, even with her night-vision they were uncannily obscured and set her ill-at-ease to her core, something felt primordially wrong about witnessing them and their dark stone at all. Meng's morale was broken, the Ogre began to charge towards the violet light ahead as the general enchanted himself with surreal speed.


As they approached the chanting circle an unnatural fog began to rapidly set in and the General suddenly heard charging hoof beats all around.  As he turned to witness a rider bearing down on him with needle-pointed lance, he crouched and severed the steeds' front legs with a great swing of his magical blade. The horse and rider tumbled headlong into the muck a tangle of crashing shrieks amidst the ever-droning chant.

Amanda began to prepare to rain hell-fire from above amongst the chanters who had just raised, not hands but purple and green shimmering tentacle-clusters to the dark mutant grotesquerie they apparently worshiped as suddenly the chanting ceased...at least materially.  Yet it still droned on in Amanda's mind, or soul.  Most of the cloaked figures vanished, leaving their dark garb crumpling to the mud like a cheap magician's trick.  The few that remained, turned and began slowly shambling away from the stone.

The creature atop the stone peered at Amanda with an eyeless maw writhing with amassed protuberances and a sickening malignance.  It took to the air towards her as riders and Kalon entered the circle together.

Meanwhile, back at Sorcerer's isle, Krokus was awakened, hastily teleported to the deployment room by Siglarus, one of the elders.  He was told that the party was on mission and likely in need of assistance as they were unable to avoid the Emperor's detection.  Without pause for further advice, Krokus was teleported into a dark fog-laden swamp amid the sounds of battle.  Moving cautiously towards the larger sounds he momentarily saw a bursting fire-ball in the sky and hastened his pace while hearing hoof-beats all about and screams as Valligon cleft a Gray-cloaked wizards face and chased down a Dark Templars archer.

Krokus also slew Templars as they accosted him, while Amanda flew and slung spells against the unnamable horror that pursued her through the sky, smashing her almost into unconsciousness above the hazy swamp below.  One of her spells misfired in her haste and chanting-obscured mental-state and a sun-bolt instead imbued a dark rider below with glowing white eyes, and a halo as though the sun perpetually shone upon him.  After a second sun-bolt seared through the wing-arm of the monstrosity, it directed it's ungraceful descent to the obelisk.  Amanda accelerated to race it, but it collided and unceremoniously wrapped the stone in its body, to vanish a moment later in a silent purple green lightning rend in reality.

The sun-struck rider then approached Kalon who had just unhorsed another rider.  Sun-eyes claimed all this magic was against imperial will and must be crushed or taken into custody for study by the agents and alchemists of Kirin Toro.

Kalon bargained that with the blessing of the sun's eternal life, they should be allowed to be about their business.  Another rider towing one of the dark-cloaked changers via chain around its neck from his horse's pommel casually approached the clearly scorched and battered Amanda, as she knelt to grab a dark candle and engage her ring.  

Kalon recognizing that diplomacy with these magic fascist zealots was going nowhere fast attempted awkwardly to spear sun-eyes, though the spear was deftly parried and it's shaft hewn.  Kalon then used the hewn shaft to smash the shoulder of the unhorsed templar who attacked him, before the ogre dove across one of the piles of dark clothing left by a chanter.  He gathered it beneath him and engaged his ring.

The general and Krokus mopped up a few more dark armored horsemen in the swamp at the perimeter of the circle, but did not engage the glowing rider and those in the circle, instead gathering what enchanted items they could from fallen templars and the gray-cloaked mage before engaging their rings and taking back what little they could to sorcerer's isle.

Mission Accomplished?


Willy the Deployer reminds us about Kalon, the Possessor. Kalon has a magic staff that is too much - he has gone rogue. He stole it from an evil god and will use it to flood our gurthly plane with demon warriors. Kalon intends to become a lich.

  • Party transports into the forested Fangs
  • Smashed some approaching skeletons and goblins.
  • Dealt with a hag -- Z sent her away with a Panic spell.
  • Dealt with the hellhound.
  • Got past the wraith and entered a "dome" in which Zebulon was hanging out -- he was part of the previous party deployed by the Iron Circle to deal with this problem.
  • Zebulon has a houseplant - we have been advised to NOT TOUCH THE PLANT.
  • A canyon contains gazillions of zombie/skeleton warriors.
  • We have the doorknob - key to get us into the tower.


Eventually we got to a extraplanar wasteland, critters attack, and we all get beaten - paralyzed. Kalon shows up and says he doesn't have the artifact!