Iron Gate

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A 10 hoop of arcanely-graven iron that acts as a teleportation gate for the Iron Circle.

The room in which it resides was described in Warlocks GM notes thusly:

You follow through smooth-floored stone hallways and curving stairwells lit by 
aquamarine magical lights to a familiar chamber, the Iron Circle's Great Gate. 
Trappings of arcane wizardry ring the perimeter of the pentagonal room with 
high narrow windows on two sides overlooking a 2000' cliff, but the center 
of attention is the great hoop of graven iron, standing upright ten feet tall. 
It is through this hoop that you have stepped many times in service to the 
Iron Circle.

As is customary, Grazik hands you each a ring of iron to wear upon your 
middle finger, and you know that twisting the ring in a certain fashion 
will bring you back to this very place, no matter your distance.

After a few arcane gestures and words from Grazik, the iron ring hums in harmonic 
readiness, and each of you steps through, fading into mist and producing the ozone 
smell of a coming rainstorm in the room.

You emerge fatigued (2d each) and dehydrated, as expected, a side effect of the