Iron Circle

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Based on Sorcerers Isle, the legacy of the Iron Circle goes back thousands of years. Its central tenet is that magic must be controlled by mages, and when too-powerful incantations and artifacts get into the hands of the those unfit for the purpose, the balance of the universe may be thrown off, the "circle may be broken".

To prevent this, the organization combs the fabric of time and space in search of bright spots of sorcery, beacons of powerful magic possessed by benevolent kings, savage warlords, power-hungry priests, slavering beasts, or ambitious demons, it matters not. What matters is the artifacts and incantations are seized and brought back to Sorcerers Isle for analysis and protection.

In this way, the Iron Circle has created many enemies over the ages.

From their elegant stone-hewn headquarters situated at 9000' above sea level carved into the side of a steep peak near the center of Sorcerers Isle, elite teams are sent through an enchanted iron gateway on recovery missions across the continent.

The organization is run by the "Guiding Circle" of five arch-mages responsible for identifying the most important targets.

In Warlocks, the arch-mage Grazik Mordred was the team's contact from the Guiding Circle.