Dark Templars

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From the Empire of the Clouds campaign: Trained in combat and magic, these selected few are strictly obedient and often cruel in motivation of their goals. They are the elite soldiers who are often sent on specific errands for the empire, or sent to bolster morale and aid the empires' main armed forces. Dark Templars are generally allowed to be judge, jury and executioner (although death is not often the penalty, as examples are useful).

Dark Templars believe they draw their powers from the darkness and of the Void, where they send those they kill, or the limbs of those they punish or make examples of. They believe that if they serve well in this life, then the god-king, Kijin Tono, will appoint them high rank in the Keepers of Shadow a parallel military governing force he rules in the Void.

Dark Templars advance through the following ranks indicated by sashes worn about their wastes: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black. Also, after a noteworthy achievement Templars are given a helm decorated with a forehead mounted character representing a title given to them for said event. Ex: Ruthas the Night-stalker.

PC Templars include:

Notes for creating a Templar character: Keep in mind that the Dark Templars are chosen for their roles. They would have weeded out any flawed troops before reaching the point your characters are at. So, while being hard of hearing or having the berserk disadvantage may be acceptable, it's not likely that a deaf kid would make it through the training or someone with berserk and a weak will.

It's possible that you were kidnapped and brainwashed or if you were of noble background, possibly invited to study at a temple.