Cloch Mearog

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Cloch agging on an insulted half-orc.

In Warlocks, a rough and tumble mage played by Jess.


Cloch was a young orphaned rapscallion who grew up mostly on the streets of Argyle pilfering with his friends and sneaking into brothels to oogle at the women of the night. Cloch was never exceptionally good at stealing and was never really patient enough for a good plan to run its course. As a result as a young man he was intercepted burgling from an old man in Argyle who used his magics which were far superior to the parlor tricks Cloch new to capture the teen.

Cloch was kept by the old man for a few years and enchanted and tortured by the old half-elven meglomaniac. As a result of the sadists machinations, Cloch to this day glows lightly with a slight green hue. Cloch escaped his from his captures estate in a fevered and starvation induced stupor and was found outside of Argyle by some merchants who thought the glowing man odd. Cloch was turned over to the authorities who in turn had the city mages investigate. One of the investigating mages had Cloch sent to Sorcerer's isle where he was further studied and eventually taught magic and inducted into the Iron Circle. Cloch oddly does not remember much of anything about the old man, but he knows that magic should not be abused or used for evil purposes which he assumes the old half-elf practiced.

Cloch pummeling an opponent in a pit fight.


Cloch in stone-form.