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Location: Map #5

Due to its proximity to Sorcerer's Isle, Argyle has become known as a hub of sorcerous arts. Recognizing this, the local duke has imposed a stiff tax on magic use, payable in advance.

Walled city. Dozens of colorful towers of exotic construction, some very high, precarious, elaborate. The highest is blood red and indigo blue intertwining snakes, the height of 20 houses stacked, with a bulbous tip. wtf? (This is the home and laboratory of the sorceress Callista Dredd)

3' tall men with long noses and beards (who can levitate) -- magic tax collectors docks - immediately detecting magic and charging a tax. Backed up by silvery plate mail guards.

The city is wealthy, clean, and well-patrolled.

"Magic shops" are illegal, but crop up from time to time in alleys and the backs of wagons.

In the Infiltrators campaign we learned that there are multiple multi-colored mage towers in the city, from which evidence of magical experiments occasionally bursts.

In the Ur campaign we learned that levitating gnome mages watch over the docks, collecting magic taxes in advance, and enforcing the law of the land.


There is a magic tax due upon entry to the city, and blue-robed shaven-headed inspectors accompanied by guards in plate mail do the inspecting.


  • Tavern, Blushing Petals, has live nude girls dancing to magically mesmerizing harp music. Small plates, exotic drugs and spices and elven aloe wine.
  • Tavern, Friga's Axe, dock workers and strong ale, meat and bread, thieves and pirates.
  • Tavern, Golden Rose, games of chance, middle class, popular and high quality, good service, but smoky.

Notable Locals