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This campaign takes place starting in Serenton. Jesster is GM.


Five years after plagues ravaged the city of Serenton by the sea, killing most of its population and laying waste to its vast orchards and vineyards, the city thrives. But as is often the case, along with prosperity comes intrigue and struggles for power and wealth. This campaign will start a couple of months after the events of The Mines of Malis. The party will be constructed of individuals in Serenton at the outset of this adventure.

Character Guidelines

Characters need not be from Serenton, but must have a reasonable back-story.

Characters should have diverse but realistic skill sets. That is if you've been a baker's assistant your whole life, you're probably not an expert rider and swordsman, but you may have high manual dexterity, a good cooking skill, some herb lore, and perhaps be strong from lugging around bags of flour and making deliveries or such. In that example you may also be overweight for gorging on your own tasty sweet specialties.

I expect role-playing in this adventure, not just hack'n slash dice rolling. I will be awarding extra character points for playing your character and for good role-playing.

You are likely all young adventurers or perhaps elder citizens who've never risen to heroics previously. You are not likely complete novices. It is possible you are Serentonian Guards, mage apprentices, devout religious followers, wandering tradespeople or mercenaries. I would like interesting back stories perhaps to use to enhance the campaign. It is also altogether possible you have spent the entirety of your life in Serenton or any other city for that matter, coming into Serenton only recently. It's possible you are not an experienced adventurer, but then it would be unlikely that you have a 15 riding skill and a 18 crossbow skill, for example. Your points might be invested into trade skills or "book learning".

Regardless of your origin and past you have to have some reason to be involved in the campaign. That means you have some reason a highfalutin merchant would hire you to help with some errands. Perhaps you are the niece or nephew of some local dignitary or have ran errands (sometimes adventurous) for him in the past.

Check out this page for some ideas, and maybe some tie-ins to the world.

As there are primarily only humans native around Serenton, if you desire to be another race, the following templates may be implemented:

Elf - -5 pt unusual background

Dwarf - -5 pt unusual background

Half-elf - no cost

Half-orc - -2 pt unusual background

Gnome - -5 pt unusual background

Other race - with DM consultation

Character outlines must be presented to the GM by the 20th of February in order to be in the outset of the campaign (perhaps the 22nd of Feb 15th of March).

  • For new players, I want only a story, two sentences to two pages...more than that and you’re going too far. I will build your initial character sheet for you, we’ll chat and tweak to keep it simple at the outset. If you enjoy playing, we can dive deeper into the rules and get more technical.
  • If you would like to bring back a previously used character, contact me so we can balance points and fill in recent history.
  • For experienced players interested in building their own character sheets:

Characters will have 120 points to start with and up to -50 points in disadvantages with an optional additional -10 points to be used specifically for Enemies, Reputation or Debt disadvantages, but these must be a tangible part of your back story and your character during role-play.

Characters will be illiterate by default. Being semi-literate (B p24) in the Common tongue will cost 1 pt, literate 2 pts.

Equipment Characters will start with the TL3 starting wealth of $1000.00 which in Gurth recently has been one-thousand silver pieces. This can be modified by choosing the Wealth advantage or disadvantage accordingly. Clothing, weapons, armor and gear should be purchased at base cost in the Characters book from starting wealth. If you have $1000.00, you have nothing and are naked walking the streets of Gurth. A gold piece is ten silver pieces. Specialized adventure gear and magical items from Dungeon Fantasy - Adventurers are fine. Magic items must be purchased with character points, at a cost of 1 point per $1000 cost.

  • You may buy power stone(s) by spending 2 character points per power level, with a maximum of 12 power level total in all stones/items. Spending 20 points gets you a single 10 point powerstone, or two 5-point stones, etc.


What Happened

So it Began...

In the back of a restaurant, a bit past the common meal time, Don Lau and his acquaintance,Ulric Tollhouse finished their meal with conversations of the recent history Serenton, the House of Knowledge and of spice and silk trade in the kingdoms of Drannor and Durkin.

Selena entered the establishment and Don Lau motioned her back, her a drink and introduced the two. Don Lau had told Selena that he would be introducing her to people that may be able to assist in her in her hunt.

In short order, both Sirus and Theodor had joined the table and all were introduced.

Don Lau told of his mission for them to acquire him a rare, possibly unique, horn of an ancient beast from the vault beneath the fortress of one Skreez Malis.

After introductions in the quest was given the party was first ordering to meet again in the morning at Timothy and Todd's general store and bed and breakfast.

Ulric interviewed the bartender and boats to plague in Serenton, Selena prayed to Luna the Moon goddess, and that Theodore worked his street contacts and caroused at a local bar meeting a mercenary named Ralphie. Ralphie reported that he was on hired for a job at escorting slaves to the estate the morning after next.

The following morning the party reconvened that Timothy and Todd's general store bed and breakfast where they ate jellied toast and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Don Lau had provided them four horses laden with basic supplies for their journey.

The party decided to visit the office of land management in Serenton. The proprietor was an elderly slow-spoken man wearing a mustard yellow shirt and a purple corduroy vest with small front watch pockets. He showed them a map of Serenton and surrounding lands. Celine and then began to inquire about the agriculture of the local area, planting seasons, local crops and many other topics irrelevant to the quest. The party eventually asked the proprietor for any records pertaining to lord Skreez Malis' property. He needed time to do research. While the researched Ulrich and the Selena chatted about theology and philosophy while Theodore tried to convince Sirus to play cards. After some time that the proprietor returned at showing the party where the first and largest of Skreez Malis' real estates was as well as a few mines that he owns around Serenton.

When the party was about to leave town Theodore mentioned that he had met Ralphie and he hatched a plan to follow Ralphie and his mercenary friends as they picked up slaves and escorted them to Malis' estate. The party could then follow the mercenaries into a potential secret door or some other way into the estate. They left town riding eastward and camped in a small boulder outcropping near the river where they could see the road and any passersby. That night they ate beans and rice slightly overcooked by Selena.

The next morning Selena went to the river to fish with the help of Ulrich. Eventually Theodore and Sirus got up and watched the road. From the east they saw a group of red armored individuals approaching. As they grew closer Sirus fainted when he realized that they were not human, but instead large lizard men or draconians. Theodore watched them pass with their large stone-wheeled wagon pulled by a large squat komodo dragon style beast.

Shortly after Selena had polished her armor, Ulrich was helping her put it on when the band of horseman approached from Serenton. They pulled up near the camp as some of the party stepped into the road. Ulrich greeted them and it turned out it was Ralphie and his mercenary friends. The party made some story up and Ralphie and his group rode eastward. Selena made haste to break camp and give chase however the party decided to follow out of sight using Sirus' tracking skills. They followed some 20 miles east of Serenton before turning north off of the road and heading through grasslands into a small forest. At the edge of the forest the men left Selena with the horses and pursued on foot. After doing so for some time, Sirus' climbed a tree to get a better vantage. From above he was able to see two wagons in the distance being escorted by the horsemen. He hurriedly climbed down and sent Ulrich running back to Selena and the horses. The party then followed the slavers through the woods to the edge of a large grassy bowl-shaped field upon which the far side rose a plateau. Atop the plateau was a large beige and yellow limestone structure presumed to be the estate of Skreez Malis.

The party awaited nightfall before leaving the cover of the woods. Under the cover of darkness Sirus' crept up to the plateau and followed the road around the south side climbing up past an iron portcullis. On the eastside at a switchback Sirus began climbing in the shadows where he encountered a large steel trap. After dislodging himself he he went on to the edge where he saw a guard pacing the grounds in front of the large building. He then carefully descended and returned to the party as Selena was chanting in candles to the full Moon. Again leaving Selena with the horses, the three men crept in the darkness past the portcullis back to the edge of the switch back up to the estate. As Sirus climbed the cliff edge, Theodore simply walked up the switchback followed by Ulrich. As the guard noticed Theodore, Ulrich disappeared making himself invisible. Theodore weaved a web of deceit stating he was bringing an urgent message about the Serentonian Guard to master Malis. As the guard escorted Theodore towards the door Ulrich crept behind him and dazed him with magic. The two then walked to the door in the darkness as Sirus snuck up behind the dazed guard. As Ulrich sent Theodore into the door, Sirus' dragged the murdered guard off into the shadows.

A Night of Run-ins

Theodore encountered Pyrrus Salorum, and shared a drink while introducing himself as Todd and sharing that Sten of the Serentonian Guard had informed him that Dildonius what on to Markall's business. Having fed "Todd," Pyrrus paid him for the information and gave him a scroll for Sarang the Vodelig back in Serenton. Sarang would likely be with the BloodGhost Syndicate and wears many shiny rings and chains despite being a thug.


Meanwhile, Selena had approached and was inspecting the portcullis in the darkness when she heard strange voices approaching from the darkness within. She crept around the corner and waited ax raised for the worst as she heard the voices speaking in a harsh unknown language approach and open the portcullis. Briefly she saw two dark-scaled dragonmen before one vanished back into the shadows as the other drew it's blade and dodged Selena's swing. As Selena and Tirang the draconian quizzed each other, Ulrich and Sirus descending the road and approached behind Tirang. He claimed Selena's friends were in the cave and that he would take her to them if she would lower her axe.

Sirus' arrow broke their conversation as it shattered against the stone. The dark-scaled warrior leaped into the darkness beneath the portcullis and Selena backed off. Sirus was set aflame by an orb of fire that shot forth from the dark tunnel as he approached Selena. After stomping his cloak out, he sprinted to Selena's side. After another flaming globe blazed past Ulrich, the portcullis rattled shut and the three descended toward the woods and horses. Eventually, Theodor joined the group and complained that they failed to take advantage of his distracting the denizens of the building atop the plateau.

In the late darkness Ulrich awoke and began waking the party before a fiery cloud erupted and began to grow next to Selena. Ulrich cast a spell and began directing Sirus and Theodore to a silhouette in the woods as Selena channeled Luna to extinguish the swirling flames. The chase was brief before the silhouette was lost in the night.

The party then broke camp and moved deeper into the woods where a small shallow den was found to keep the party out of sight. Later in the morning a group of armed mercenaries on horseback was heard approaching. The saw the parties horses and fanned out to surround the area. Selena cut the horses free and sent them scattering as the men surrounded the den. After Sirus shot one of the hunters through the gut, a brief combat ensued with the party mostly hiding in the shadows picking off the cautious horsemen.

The session ended with Selena bent over a wounded Ralphie and Ulrich gathering the horse of a fallen mercenary, while Theodore and Sirus crept from the shadows.

The Mansion of Malis

After much consternation and conspiration, the party planned a ruse. They would use the healed and convinced guards, Ralphie and Bort, to escort Selena into the slave pens for questioning as to the whereabouts of her companions. Theodor wore the armor of the dead guard, Mick, and Ulrich followed unseen. Meanwhile, Sirus was going to sneak up and climb to the roof to gain entrance via a trapdoor on the roof. He knew of the trapdoor because Luna exposed it to Selena.

Approaching the portcullis at the base of the manor, Theodor blew the horn found on the dead guard. Another guard, believing Ralphie and Bort to still be faithful mercenaries, allowed them into the stables below the manor. As they entered, Ulrich used his invisibility to conceal Selena's great axe. Within the stables, a large halforc emerged from behind a jailhouse door. The guard beckoned for the monstrous man to take Selena to a cell.


However, as the halforc, Manok, reached for Selena, Ulrich pressed the great axe into her hand. The guards were rather surprised to see the magic axe appear without warning. At that moment, Selena went to work on the guard with a torch, destroying him capably. Theodor went after the halforc, slashing at cutting in vain. After trying and failing to lock the adventurers in the stables, the halforc took off running down the hall with Selena and Theodor in pursuit. Meanwhile, Ulrich attempted to look after some slaves chained in the hallway.

The halforc disappeared down a set of dark steps. Ulrich cast light onto his staff so that he and Selena could give chase. Meanwhile, Theodor discovered what appeared to be a torture chamber. Within, he found a set of jail cells, containing a silent Draconian and an old man claiming to be an "ancient wizard." Theodor decided to ignore him temporarily and go after his companions. At the bottom of the stairs, Selena and Ulrich found four guards and a large group of slaves working on stone. Suddenly confronted with a woman in shining armor cradling an axe, they went into action. Two of the guards attempted to fight her, but only did minimal damage before they were cut down. Ulrich tricked the other two guards into laying down their weapons, threatening to blast them with the magic coming from his lit staff.

While all this went on, Sirus climbed up the sheer face of the manor. Up above, he found not only the trapdoor, but an unaware guard. Hoping to leave no witnesses, Sirus attempted to slit his throat. Unfortunately, he left little more than a bloody scratch, and the guard turned to him to fight. The guard pulled a crossbow, but fired a wild shot into the night. Sirus kept at him with a knife. In an effort to end the fight quickly, the guard grabbed hold of Sirus and dragged him to the edge, receiving wounds to the neck and groin the whole way. Unfortunately for Sirus, the wounds did nothing to deter him, and he was cast off the edge. Fortunately, his quick reflexes allowed to him to not only take the guard with him, but to grab hold of the ledge at the last moment. However, the guard was also quick and grabbed Sirus's leg, causing them to both fall down the side of the manor. Surprisingly, Sirus was able to fall on top of the guard, causing him to take no more than a few scratches. The other guard, with less luck, succumbed to his previous injuries as well as a high fall and the crushing blow of Sirus's body. Dusting himself off, he got ready to begin anew.

Character Points

The Mansion of Malis continued

As the guards retreated up the stairs, Ulrich reassured the slaves of their eminent freedom as Selena broke their bonds with her magic axe. The slaves were lead back up the stairs and Sirus began scaling the wall again.

The party went into the room with the torture equipment and the cells containing the old man and the red-scaled draconian. Theodor tried vainly to pick a lock before breaking out the old man, then going about setting a fire beneath a large wooden door.

When Ulrich mentioned something below, the old wizard was greatly concerned and slightly unbelieving. He claimed that if the great beast below had returned that women and babies would weep endlessly and the strength of men would fail. When asked what the name of the beast was he would not speak it but instead wrote it on a page torn from Ulrich's journal. The name was Cthaeghya and the wizard claimed it was one of the great beings before the gods created the world and the continents were placed. As Ulrich was recording this, the old man noticed his journal and asked to read it. Ulrich obliged and the man stood single-mindedly reading each page, but in reverse order as the party went about it's business.

Sirus executed another rooftop guard with multiple short-range arrows after having a knife stuck in the nether regions of his armor.

Ulrich led the old man into the slave quarters towards the stables and he and Selena began to chain the door shut as Manok returned with an ogre wielding two pick axes. The ogre went to work on the chains and the iron barred doors until Ulrich stunned him with fear. Manok fired a crossbow at Theodor and shot Kluuz before a brief melee with Theodor. Theodor stabbed Manok in the leg, then Manok threw the crossbow at Theodor's face before exchanging slaps with the ogre and retreating down the stairs again.

Eventually, the ogre broke through and as it shoved its ponderous mass through the aperture of the bars, Selena split it's head like an over-ripe melon.

Most of the party convened in the slaves quarters for a few minutes to catch their breath and figure out next steps while Sirus crept about the 2nd floor of the building, finding multiple locked doors and some traps, then listened into a conversation between Pyrrus and some other men about the smoke coming up from below. Below, the old man noticed Kluuz and broke into conversation in an unknown language.

Theodor asked about Kluuz and the wizard said that Kluuz was captured a couple of weeks back when he was scouting for his group. According to Kluuz, Akriyal, his god, is trapped below and he needs to notify his people. The wizard thinks Kluuz is mistaken as he has heard discussions between Pyrrus, Manok and the dark-scaled dragon men that the creature below is referred to as Skorziak.

Selena put out Theodor's fire, and Theodor went back to pick try again at the burnt door lock when he noted two guardsmen coming forth from the door. Theodor convinced them to put aside their weapons and leave peacefully and Ulrich told the guards the party was shutting down the operation. Meanwhile, Sirus added tea to flasks of alcohol and went about murdering Pyrrus.

The party convened on the ground floor in the guards' quarters.

Leaving the Mansion

The party began searching for the horn. They decided to attempt opening the gilded and trapped door that Sirus had attempted to open. Rather than fussing with needles to pick the lock, Selena brought a war hammer and broke the door down. Inside, they were faced with a large suit of armor. After throwing a glass at it, Theodor determined that it would not attack them. However, Theodore figured that the threshold was most likely still trap-laden. To demonstrate his theory, he shoved a couch through the doorway. The door promptly covered the couch in flame. To enter the room, Theodor gathered several blankets from the guards' quarters to shield the party while passing into the room. Inside the room they found a fancy and large four-post bed and what appeared to be a sex slave chained to the wall with a key around her neck. She made no effort to speak or resist when Selena broke her out of her chains. The lack of speech was revealed to be due to a lack of a tongue.

Additionally, there was a small trunk that Selena smashed open after it shocked Theodor, who tried to open it with a key ring taken from the guards. Inside were several unidentifiable potions. While exploring the rest of the room, the party also discovered a desk covered with a variety of papers. Many were common receipts detailing various businesses of Malis, while a few were in an unrecognizable language. Theodor took a few scrolls that he thought looked valuable. There was also a pouch of jewels, which Sirus and Theodor split after Theodor filched a handful.

Most frightening was a large statue behind the door of a large, tentacle-covered evil-looking being with a few chunks missing. Selena found a few of the chunks on a table, which were cold to the touch and caused her to fall into a trance while staring at the statue. Fortunately, Ulrich snapped her out of it. Finding no horn, the party jumped back through the door. Last to leave was Sirus, who spread poison all over the bed sheets and fancy clothes in the closet.

Moving back downstairs, the party settled down in some easy chairs for a well-earned rest, while Theodor proceeded to search the rest of the rooms, anxious for more wealth. While searching, he found the kitchen, where two slaves were cleaning up, completely unaware of the invasion. Theodor freed them and persuaded them to make a late-night meal for the rest of the party. Going back to the common room, Theodor tried the key from the sex slave on the stone door there. Incredibly, it opened, revealing a massive treasure room featuring fancy maps, pelts, books, and most importantly of all, a massive jewel-encrusted horn. Theodor scoured the room, acquiring a luxurious fur coat, an amulet with a color-changing crystal, and a ring that made him feel more invigorated. Nathaniel found an exhaustive book of demon lore than he keenly poured over.

Meeting back in the common room, the party decided that it was imperative to try and see what were behind the doors that Manok had disappeared behind. After sending off the two kitchen slaves with the sex slave in tow, Ulrich knocked, but to no avail. Theodor attempted his best Pyrrus impersonation, and another ogre opened the door from within. Manok screamed at the ogre to close the door, but Ulrich was too fast with a stunning spell that left the ogre unable to comply. Manok ran off into the darkness, followed by Ulrich, Selena, Theodor and Kluuz. The old wizard (now referring to himself as Nathaniel) stayed outside to scrub the walls with a bath brush he had taken. Sirus used his careful aim to shoot the ogre through the eye and kill him with one shot.

Suddenly, there was a deafening roar, and darkness began pouring out from the other end of the cave like a mist. Theodor and Sirus, paralyzed by fear, fainted. Kluuz began walking towards it, muttering the name of his God. Ulrich stood his ground, pointing his lighted staff at the oncoming darkness, while Selena ran outside to grab Nathaniel. Kluuz and Ulrich were the only members of the party who witnessed the veil of darkness pull back and saw what appeared to be a massive beast. They both promptly fainted.

Moments later, Selena was back with Nathaniel, and the beast had disappeared. While the rest of the party lay incapacitated, Selena and Nathaniel explored a corner of dark blue-green rock wall exposed by the mining in the limestone cave. Nathaniel theorized that it was a temple for a dark god and should be barred immediately, while Selena prayed to Luna for guidance. The rest of the party was eventually roused, and decided to leave as promptly as possible.

Over the next two days, the party walked back to Serenton, arriving at night. Selena, Ulrich, Nathaniel and Sirus bribed their way back into the city, while Kluuz and Theodor opted to sleep outside and avoid the fee. That morning, the party went back to Todd and Timothy's to eat and find out that it would be another day until Don Lau would return. Ulrich decided to spend that day updating his notes, while Selena wandered around Serenton and Sirus tried to get a message off to his guild. Theodor walked Kluuz back to his people, a group of miners, and ate with them.

Danger in Serenton

As Selena wandered around Serenton, she stopped at several chruches to make some significant donations. Suddenly, she was approached by a husky-voiced sultry woman from the market. She explained that she was a representative of Don Lau, who needed to speak with her immediately. At first unsure, Selena followed the woman, later introduced as Shantel down several winding streets before ducking into a small tent. In this tent was a trapdoor. Although loath to enter, Selena crawled down into the darkness, where she did indeed meet Don Lau down below, sitting at a candle-lit desk.

Not far behind, a small orphan boy led Theodor away from the miners to the same tent. After flirting with the woman, he crawled down the ladder to meet Don Lau and Selena. The Don eagerly questioned them about the horn, urging them to keep it as safe as possible. He went on to explain that someone was looking for the party, although he did not say who. He mentioned a White Watcher having a use for them and another man who wanted them dead. He also mentioned dismay that Pyrrus, a friend of his, was dead. Selena and Theodor were slightly confused, but did not have time to explain. Theodor heard someone behind them, and when he turned to look, a flaming bottle came flying out of the darkness. Although no one was seriously hurt in the explosion other than some minor burns to Selena, they were now alone in the dark and Theodor's new coat had been ruined. Feeling their way through the dark, Selena and Theodor found a trapdoor into the sewers. From there, they were greeted by Don Lau, who mysteriously led them out of the sewers without a sound. He asked them to bring the horn to his contact, the woman who had led them there, and paid them for their work. Leaving through a manhole, Theodor and Selena agreed to meet back at the Bed and Breakfast.

Selena went straight back to Todd and Timothy's, where she found Nathaniel and Ulrich poring over their own books. She explained what happened, and Ulrich began formulating a plan. In order to keep the horn safe, he proposed finding a decoy horn, which Theodor and Selena, who were obviously known to their enemies, could carry, while he, who was unknown, could carry the real horn. Coming to an agreement, Ulrich met up with Sirus and left to purchase materials, while Selena kept watch over Todd and Timothy's. She also asked Timothy to keep the horn in a safe place in the hotel.

Ulrich and Sirus proceeded to go on a bit of a shopping spree. They found a cattle long-horn and stuffed bat for Sirus at Abba's Taxidermy, got a leather carrying case made for the horn, and turned in Sirus's arrow quiver to a nearby seamstress to have the bat sewn on. Sirus also stopped at the shop of a jeweler to get his uncut gems polished. Ulrich commented on Sirus's strange obsession with bats while he carried Sirus's arrows in his arms. Theodor, meanwhile, made contact with Petyr, explaining all that had happened over the next few days. Giving a large sum of money to Petyr to get some nice things for their flat, he asked Petyr to read into some of the names Theodor had heard while on his adventure. He then began taking a long, twisting path back to Todd and Timothy's to avoid being followed.

While enjoying the evening on the balcony of the hotel, Selena noticed two unsavory fellows approaching, a human and a bugbear. She hid in the stairwell while listening to them question Timothy about the party's whereabouts. Fortunately, Timothy said nothing to give them away. They left the hotel.

Unfortunately, as the two left the hotel, Theodor stumbled out of an alley across the street and made eye contact. Sensing their purpose, he began striding away from the hotel. The two men began following. They all began quickening their pace. Theodor rounded the corner by the main street and spotted Ulrich and Sirus. Walking straight towards them, he signaled them to pretend that they did not know him. As he got close, Theodor made a show of bumping into them clumsily while whispering "stall them." He then ducked into a nearby alley.

Ulrich and Sirus understood his purpose. Ulrich began spilling the arrows on the ground and making a show, attempting to block off the sidewalk. The two men attempted to shove past, but Sirus grabbed the bugbear and began berating him for being so rude. The bugbear spat on Sirus's head in response. Losing his cool, Sirus nocked an arrow to his bow, just in time to get charged. The arrow managed to pierce the bugbear's vitals and the two crashed to the ground. Sirus stunned the other swordsman with a spell, then attempted to help Sirus. Unfortunately, while trying to strike the bugbear with his staff, he slipped and fell on a growing pool of blood. Sirus and the bugbear clashed, with the bugbear headbutting and swiping with a mace. However, Sirus managed to pierce the bugbear's skin with a poisoned dagger, causing him to lose consciousness. At that moment, the Serentonian guards appeared. Sirus and Ulrich loudly protested their innocence, while the third swordsman came out of his trance to see a Serentonian spear pointed in his direction. The guards decided to arrest the lot of them.

Meanwhile, in the alley, Theodor ducked into a random doorway. Finding himself in a bakery, he claimed that he was a lost bard looking for Timothy and Todd's. The baker politely shooed him out, and he began walking back to the B&B, just in time to see his companions being marched away by the guards.

Back in the B&B, Selena asked Theodor what happened. Theodor acknowledged that Ulrich and Sirus were arrested, but refused to spend his money to bail them out. However, he relented to Selena's protests, and walked down to the jailhouse.

In jail, Ulrich and Sirus were questioned separately by Dildonius, Captain of the Guard. Dildonius explained that their two assailants were members of the Bloodghost syndicate, and were not to be trifled with. Sirus was quiet, but claimed that he acted in self-defense. Ulrich began questioning Dildonius about the Bloodghost syndicate, claiming that Dildonius needed to take a new approach to fighting the syndicate and that he was welcome to learn more about infiltrating criminal groups at the House of Knowledge. Dildonius was surprisingly warm to the idea.

After briefly stopping at a theater shop to inquire about makeup, Theodor arrived at the jail. He was told that, if the bugbear died, Sirus would be charged with murder. Theodor waited for Ulrich to be released. Upon release, Ulrich gave Dildonius a letter, allowing him or any of the guard to study freely at the House of Knowledge. In a rare moment of conscious, Theodor whispered to Dildonius that Stenn, a member of his guard, was an informant for Malis and was helping to protect his slave trade.

Theodor and Ulrich left for a little while, and then returned to try and pick up Sirus. They were told that Sirus had two options: pay at 10-plat fee, or stay in jail for two months and pay a reduced fee. Ulrich and Theodor opted to wait until the next day to pool their money and pay his fine. Theodor was allowed access to Sirus's possessions, including a receipt for Sirus's bat-quiver.

The next day, Theodor and Selena opted to carry the fake horn to the market while Sirus would follow with the real horn. They agreed to meet at the jailhouse afterwards to bail out Sirus. Theodor and Selena stopped at a few places, notably at a goldsmith so that Theodor could sell the gold from his amulet chain and get the stone set in a smaller, less gaudy and more concealable chain. They eventually found their way to the booth where Shantel sold spices and silks from afar, where they briefly spoke to Shantel before leaving so Ulrich could give her the true horn. During their chat, Theodor was given the job of transporting a small wax-sealed box to a local Lord Markelhy for Don Lau. He was only told not to open or tamper with the box, and not to ask questions about the deal, but that Markelhy would understand when the delivery was made. He readily agreed in exchange for currency. After the transaction was made successfully, the three went their separate ways to shop.

Theodor decided to stop at the same jewel shop as Sirus for a similar gem-cutting deal. However, upon pocketing some money made from selling the cut gems, he noticed that something new was in his coin purse: a finger with an attached note.

A Day in the Life

Theodor identified a small finger (not a thumb). Ulrich makes his way to the jail. Sirus looks through his 8"x12" barred window at the wall next door. Theodor asks Selena to read a note, "If you want the rest of the kid back in one piece, break Connors out by nightfall tomorrow and bring him to Hardwood Glen."

Theodor believes that the finger belongs to his brother, Petyr.

Selena suggested that the two of them meet up with the others to share this information.

Theodor waited outside the jail while Ulrich and Selena paid 10 Pp for the release of Sirus.

Selena asked questions about the jail and Ulrich confirmed that Connors was still locked up.

Theodor stopped Sirus from leaving to go his separate way, by convincing him to help find his brother. Sirus paid Selena for her portion of the bail money. Theodor offered Sirus a portion of his cut jewels to help kill whoever captured Petyr.

Theodor also showed the party the small ornate box sealed with a white wax stamp in the form of and eye with wings and mentioned that the next job for Mr. Lau is to deliver the box to Lord Markelhy.

Everyone ate lunch and then went to Matilde's Bookery to look for Petyr or clues to his whereabouts. Matilde from the bookstore said she hadn't seen the boy since the other day when Theodor left the rancid burnt hide hanging from the door when he visited.

Sireus and Selena purchased books and the party left to pick up some supplies at the local Arrow-Mart. As they traversed the city, Theodor and Sirus watched for followers in the shadows.

Ulrich healed Sirus' leg.

The party then went to the Serentonian equivalent of projects to visit Theodor's apartment. Within they heard footsteps.

Theodor tried to silently open the door and saw a dark figure in front of the window which he instinctively threw a knife at.

The knife glanced off of the armored skin of the dark-scaled Vodelig, who explained he had only come for the things Theodor stole from Lord Malis. Specifically, the horn, a bag of gems, a fancy coat a medallion and a ring. Barring those items, he's to bring back Theodor to explain to Lord Malis. Combat ensued outside Theodor's apartment with the Vodelig tossing multiple exploding potions and catching many of Sirus' arrows before barricading himself into the apartment. Moments later he burst from the window of the 2nd floor apartment to land on Sirus in the street below, but fell just short. After another brief melee, Theodor stabbed the dazed creature in the eye and the party drug him back into the apartment where they interrogated him and healed him.

Tirang, the Vodelig, mentioned that he thinks attacking the jail under the watch of the Serentonian Guards is suicide and that the boy is almost dead. He told that he has worked for the BloodGhost Syndicate in the past, but was currently working for Malis. As Sirus fell asleep in Petyr's broken bed, a deal was struck up. Tirang would help find information about Petyr in trade for the gems and medallion, then he would take Ulrich to speak with Skorziak, whom he said he could help.

Theodor and Tirang left the others resting in the apartment to go gather information.