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Known for its wines and fruits, Serenton is highly reliant on their trading relationship with Cormire, which is responsible for 100% of their timber and ore needs.

Governed by the Serentonian Senate. Guarded by the Serentonian Guards.

In Avatars (Fall '08), the city was utterly decimated by some sort of plague, of interest to the Mercuric Order. By the time Bones of the Naga had begun (Spring '10), the city had mostly recovered.

The irregularly-shaped wall is 10' high. Some buildings are 30' high.

There's a tavern in the north/central region of the city called the Gilded Stein.

There are crime-ridden dark alleys and slums now in Serenton opposed by newly remodeled towers and mansions in the more affluent parts of the city.



Abba's Taxidermy

Bertrude's Buns and Baked Goods - bakery two blocks from T&T's where they supposedly have the best buns.

Gilded Stein - a tavern in the north/central region of the city.

Matilde's Bookery - a bookstore specializing in ancient scrolls, tomes and your latest romance novels. Run by the bent-back, wild-haired, seemingly ancient Matilde.

Timothy & Todd's Bed, Breakfast, and General store


The Avatars, after meeting Lieutenant Dildonius of the Serentonian Guards and getting into the disease-ravaged, quarantined city, ousted Tobias Steen with the aid of a young blonde boy who seemed to have the ability to become fire incarnate. The party then broke into a couple of Serentonian banks and stole Steen's assets before leaving the city and the tents of refugees outside its walls.

Post Plague History

It is told that guards posted at the grate the Serenflow exits the city from saw a strange band leaving the city in pursuit of a ghastly foul-colored cloud. The guards were told by a talking dog among the crew that the city was clear of the plague. When the rowboat containing the strange crew did not stop to answer questions, the guards opened fire as ordered. The boat then sped off at an unimaginable rate, outrunning even the shots from guards' crossbows. Some days later an old man in white robes came forth from the city saying he was a sentinel, charged with watching over the area and that the city was again safe to enter. He danced around the guards' many other questions about how he got into the city and where he was from and for whom he worked. It is told he eventually grew impatient when threatened with violence by one of the guards and mentioned something about eating them all before waving his hand and vanishing. The dumb-founded captain reportedly swore the interrogating guards to secrecy, but such oaths often are dismissed after time. Regardless, the Serentonian guard must have believed the old man because within days they were assisting the refugees with moving back into the city and getting the society back on its feet.


Five years after plagues of '08 ravaged the city of Serenton by the sea, killing most of its population and laying waste to its vast orchards and vineyards, the city thrives. But as is often the case, along with prosperity comes intrigue and struggles for power and wealth.

The Mines of Malis - Secrets of Serenton - N2

Location: Map #5 The smaller city of Ghaines lies to the south.