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Nestled in the foothills against the dramatic backdrop of the southern reaches of the Ozgarn Mountains is governed by a progressive viceroy who assures residents are kept safe, happy, healthy, and well-fed. These efforts are funded by significant taxes levied upon Eastern goods arriving via the Spice Road passing north, as well as several government-owned iron and gold mines in the hills above the city. The great Lake Cormire extends for some 60 miles, and the lands surrounding the lake are some of the most fertile in all of Durkin.


The City

Outside the 40' high stone city walls, are scattered temporary shacks and huts, smoldering cooking fires, and a number of extremely poor peasants, thieves, and crazies. They are unable to pay the 1 sp entry tax and make their living begging and stealing.

A muddy path leads south around the outside of the wall, allowing the party to easily avoid town altogether if desired.

In the center of the city is a large open plaza.

Facing the plaza is the impressive library of Cormire.

North of the plaza, broad and clean Main Street is lined with shops and taverns with dwellings in the second and third floors.

Perpendicular to Main Street, not far from North Gate, is Smith Way, a narrow and smoky road lined with all manner of smiths, including the armoror Blackmoor.

The gate on the north side of the city, headed towards Camlin is known simply as Northgate.

Cormire is the home of many small colleges similar to the ancient greeks or romans of our world.

The Mercuric Order is based in Cormire.

There is a rich market with many eastern goods, such as purple and turquoise silks, ornate platinum mirrors, dramatic white masks (apparently of some religious significance), sheets, curtains, and tapestries of iridescent rainbow-hued silk, arrangements of giant bird feathers, and foods the sight and smells of which are completely exotic to the party.

Food and Drink

There is a "mexican" restaurant called the Blowing Bean where Maria Gonzolez works.

Along Main Street on the north side of town is the rowdy Wilted Flower tavern and inn. The buxom blonde barmaid there is a favorite of Kaldor's.

Another tavern in the area is the Mahogany Staff, frequented by Maximilian the Mage.

In Avatars, the party met in the Gray Dog Inn and the Pretty Parrot Inn.


The city is overseen by Viceroy Baxter Beaumont, accountable only to the King in Camlin.

However, there is a Council of Lords described in N2:

In the sturdy bedrock of the oldest part of the castle lay the chamber where the Council of Lords convened. That respected body of venerated citizens, mostly men, was no mere symbol. While their formal power was limited, the people saw the Council as a leash from which the Viceroy could not, or at least, would not, stray.

This public perception, while having a flimsy foundation in the law, had altered the course of history several times over the centuries. Viceroys who had pressed on with policies and actions absent the Council's tacit approval had found themselves dealing with popular revolts, or, more embarrassingly, deposed via royal fiat.


Cormire is well defended by the 'Red Guard', donned in crimson platemail and marching around with halberds. A lot of wealth is transferred in this city.

From Avatars:

There is also a plainclothes auxiliary force, of which Meriel is a member. Not elite/undercover, just a backup ready to provide immediate assistance as needed and/or perform more menial duties.

Mages Guild of Cormire

A fortified keep outside the city walls, a couple miles up into the foothills to the east.

Described in old D&D campaign notes:

Teleportation scroll delivers the party to the roof of a mages' keep in the hills just east of Cormire. To their surprise, the party is surrounded by crimson-platemail-clad warriors with short bows and halberds. One, with three black stripes across the left side of his breastplate, says, “Dearest sirs, no offense is intended, but the mages guild of Cormire requests that you accompany us out of the keep immediately.”

The guards are not afraid to get rough, and will call for the mages' help if they get in trouble. There are 20 of them, all tough 7th level fighters, with the 13th level boss.

(The mages agreed to allow the party to teleport to the (familiar) roof of their keep, but requested the city guards to come and escort the (contagious) party off the premises. The guards know nothing except their orders to escort the party off the premises.)

Outside the keep, the great walls of Cormire are visible a couple miles down into the foothills, with the great Lake Cormire beyond. A well-maintained cobblestone road leads down to the city. The city guards will follow the party all the way down and into the city, where the word is out on the party (that they got kicked out of the mages guild, they have no clue why).

Other Residents

Location: Map #5