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The vast city of Camlin is the capital of Durkin, and is home of the leader of the constitutional monarchy. Regional Viceroys are responsible for the governance of their cities and surrounding lands, but all have a duty (and pay taxes to) the king. The city of 80,000 souls is clean, well-organized, and well-defended.

The River Roan flows through, spanned by several handsome bridges.

The upper class lives on a hill in the middle of town with the middle class on the lower hill.

Little towers 20-50 miles out from the city are staffed with troopers who watch for major threats. Rangers ride between them, and within that broad perimeter, the crops that feed the population stretch for miles.

The towers have flags - a gold lion on a blue field.


It was rumored that in an early Superheroes campaign Camlin may have been a victim of a mind-flayer siege beneath the city.


In early May, Flowerfest:

There is some sort of seasonal festival going on, and the streets and storefronts are covered in flowers. Even the city guards, with their silvery platemail and halberds, have been decorated. Troops of smiling musicians, some from the exotic East, pass by occasionally, plucking and tooting on their lively instruments, accompanied by virginal young beauties with budding flowers in her hair, dancing about, barefoot, as the tradition requires. It's a lovely celebration of the fertility of spring.


  • Gilded Unicorn - Tavern in higher class neighborhood.
  • Roiling Rose - mid/lower class tavern near the south entrance
  • Thistle and Crown - high class spa and inn encountered in Ignoble Assets
  • Travelers' Rest, a pedestrian beer bar found near the north entrance
  • End of the Line - a complex of brothels and bars that bridges the river in the southwest side of town. Refuse, and people, are dropped into the river regularly.


Location: Map #5