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Of Shadow of the Colossus, Leaving Nouchi, and A Matter of Some Concern.


  • Thin, delicate, physically fragile
  • Blind - but has excellent compensatory senses
  • Never uses contractions when she speaks
  • Formal, polite
  • Graceful, glides and drifts
  • Has premonitions - even visions - that foretell the future.
  • With great effort, can visit Vasker, perhaps others, in their dreams.

Her handmaiden/servant in Cormire is Lira, who finds Inarra distant, remote, though not cold.

Lives in a 10-room, 3rd floor luxury apartment with lots of light and multiple balconies. One overlooks the market to the east, one faces west across the lake -- which she cannot see. Rarely leaves.


In Shadow of the Colossus, Vasker Raiden's forbidden love.

Long a Priestess of the Temple of the Spider in Shuto, which is responsible for advising the Emperor on matters of destiny and fate, she now resides in a fortified but comfortable apartment with Vasker in Cormire.

Physically blinded by Imperial torturers before her rescue, her vision has become stronger in the intervening years.