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Brad is in the Talathese Militia -- specifically the cavalry. Brad was a top Lt. to General Veronus after the Siege of Talathese.

After the siege of Talathese Brad accompanied Kojax, Academis, and Saul on a quest to bring back the army of the lost kingdom of Aquilonia to stop the army of Branok the warlord.


Brad is in possession of magical plate mail given to him by Kojax. The plate mail is black with golden accents and sports a helmet that looks like a dragon's head. The plate mail was requisitioned from a group of traveling goblin merchants after the first siege of Talathese.

Brad wields a magical broadsword given to him by Kojax. This broadsword was taken from Branok's cold, dead fingers after Kojax, Academis and Brad killed him concluding the second siege of Talathese.

Brad wields a large, pointed lance from horseback.

Current Situation

As of Spring 07, Brad is the Executive Officer under Kojax, and commands day-to-day in Talathese.

In the Summer of '07, Brad and Aishani became engaged, and were married in a formal military wedding on the docks of Sri in the early spring of '08.

Their long-distance marriage is additionally complicated by the advances of newly-minted Wolf Natalia Modesta.