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A Captain in the military of Sri, who gained the title Commander after the coup engineered in the Ur campaign.

In the summer of '07, Aishani was engaged to marry Brad. The wedding, a formal military affair on the docks of Sri, occurred in February '08.

From the Ur campaign notes:

Dozens of ships visible on approach, unfamiliar styles and bright colors. A few miles out, and 6 small, swift war brigs change course and begin approaching. Boarding, men with skin the color of rust, large dark eyes, black hair, black leather armor, with a strip of blue clay-paint in a line down their foreheads and nose, curved scimitars. Captain Aishani, (brit accent) 32, a beautiful dark-skinned, green-eyed, long thick black hair, in similar garb with blue paint, explains that a shaman must be allowed to purge foreign vessels of evil spirits before coming into the waters of Sri.

Swami Kashyap will carry an incense sticks in each hand, long gray hair and beard, diaper, barefoot, chanting quietly. Takes a long hard look at Academus but moves on and finally nods to the captain.

Captain Aishani will now smile gorgeously and welcome the party:

Men of Talathees, on behalf of Emperor Krishnashandra and the noble people of the kingdom most favored by the gods, I welcome you to the land and waters of Sri. May your visit be peaceful, profitable, and just. Good day!

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