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Location: Media:World-13.jpg

Massive, ancient city in the jungle.

Ruled for decades by Emperor Krishnashandra until his assassination and replacement with Prime Minister Yafeu Wamukoto in the Ur campaign.

Military forces are run by Commander Aishani.

In Sri:

  • alcohol is illegal
  • only guards may carry weapons on the street
  • huge population of guards, they're everywhere
  • very superstitious people, spirits, charms, potions
  • many religions
  • bright colors, pungent smells
  • slavery, strings of slaves with collars and leashes, branded
  • statues of men with heads of animals, carved of marble, jade
  • tiered 4-story buildings with surrounding balconies, some seem to be built of gold (gold-based paint)
  • towers covered in symbols and runes, some clearly millenia old
  • tiger and jaguar-skin seems valued, noble, rich
  • home of a temple of Donblas and the Knights of Justice