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Brother Saul, played by John in the Ur campaign.

Saul's Background

Brother Saul had a really awful childhood (abuse, neglect etc) and lived on his own begging and scavenging from age 11-16, at which point he was taken in by the Priory of Luna near Talathees of moon-worshiping monks. That was 30 years ago, and he has served the monastery ever since, gradually accumulating the wisdom and skills associated with that ancient institution.

Of course, then came Branok who slaughtered the monks and demolished their structures. Saul sustained a club to the head which knocked him out, and he was left for dead. A sole survivor.

Saul is contemplative, an accomplished Bard, with a deep and resonant voice. He appears as a bit of a wildman, a tall barrel-chested balding 48-yr-old an unruly gray beard and wearing nothing but a tattered burlap robe and sandals.

Saul oversaw the burying of the dead and ministered to the bereaved (gaining the Empathy advantage in the process) after the second assault on Talathees in the Ur campaign.

Saul was kidnapped by Katrina and delivered to the Black Ether who tortured him for days before the party rescued him.

Throughout spring and summer of '07, Saul was engaged in rebuilding the demolished monastery, financing his efforts with occasional tellings of “The Rise of the Swordmaster and the Defense of Talathese” and sales of "Spirit of Ur" dark ale.

Disciples of Saul

At the Priory of Luna, Saul is assisted and accompanied by volunteers of various background who have committed themselves to a life of monastic sacrifice and contemplative exploration of Luna's mysteries. Among the most committed are:

Anthony, M, 44; a carpenter by trade.

Gaius, M, 29; a cook.

Mercury, M, 34; a horse-wrangler.

Annamaria, F, 22, a skilled gardener.

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