Priory of Luna

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A small monastery a 2-hour ride northwest outside of Talathees.


The monastery was built around 150 years ago, shortly after the settlement of Talathees. Originally home to a mere 3 monks, this peaceful order of contemplative moon-gazers gradually grew to a small self-sustaining community of 30 before being razed by Branok in the fall of '06.

Saul's efforts in spring and summer of '07 are responsible for the re-establishment of the community.



The Priory is more spiritual or philosophical than religious in nature, and monks and disciples are encouraged to learn and explore all sorts of worldly and scientific knowledge, as long as relatively ascetic ideals are upheld.

The moon (Luna) is considered an important source of healing and wisdom, and the priory holds various ceremonies around lunar phases.

Notable Adherents


Main Hall

The largest building on the site -- also contains kitchen facilities.


A windowless structure for long term storage of foodstuffs, tools, barrels of beer, etc.


All inhabitants sleep on simple wooden plank beds in one large room.


The relatively large scale brewery has a history of importance to Talathees for providing safe beverages during epidemics. After the rebuilding in '07, its products also became a source of funding for the monastery, including the Brown Ale known as the Spirit of Talathees.


Here monks and disciples learn various trades.


The old library is a blackened stone husk filled with ashes, a monument to the suffering and loss endured by the community.

As of the summer of '16, a smaller library has been built and stores a modest collection of spiritual and naturalistic tomes and original writings and illustrations of the resident monks.


As of the summer of '16, comfortable buildings exist to provide lodging and services to researchers, pilgrims, and government officials monitoring the collection of excise taxes from the brewery. Several have clay pipes providing a steady supply of ale.