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As of '16, there are a dozen squads of five Wolves each. They wear leather skirts and red sashes.

In skills and caliber, they are far beyond the city guards, who handle general policing.


After the siege of Talathese, Kojax organized the last sailor/marines into a special warfare group. At this time, the city could not field a sizeable army and it was thought that a small group of highly-trained soldiers might be able to perform operations behind enemy lines and de-moralize the enemy.

The initial Wolf brigade was organized into three squads -- each with a squad leader. All three squads reported directly to Kojax and his Lt. Cassius.

Campaign particulars


Florian - Speared through the head by a Lizardman then diced with grenade fragmentation on the Isle of Kythria in Darkness Rising. His squad was escorting a group consisting of a belly dancer, a paladin, an explosives salesman and a devoted novice mage to investigate the source of a great wave that ravaged Talathese.


Organization under Kojax

  • Cassius
  1. Marcus Marinus, 40s, Fit, bearded, balding, a student of Kojax, calculating, Fearless+2

       Had one arm crippled and one severed at the elbow by a twenty-foot bronze minotaur gatekeeper in Hell

    Had her left hand crippled for 6 months in Darkness Rising

  • Agrippa, thick-limbed and dark-skinned, bearded, surly, High Pain Threshold

    Took released captive girls from island of Kythria

  • Cato, tall and fair, thoughtful, strategic, Combat Reflexes

    Had his left leg crippled while fighting lizardmen and Black Ether on Kythria. Then stayed shoreside and protected rescued maidens until Agrippa's return.

  • Florian, Attractive, mixed-race, Impulsive, Bad Temper

    Died on Kythria when his brain was pierced by a lizard man's spear

    2.  Hyberius

  • squad member
  • squad member
  • squad member
  • squad member

   3.  Squad leader III

  • squad member
  • squad member
  • squad member
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