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Kojax the one-handed swordsman in Ur

Liam McGregor the irish gunslinger in HotZone

Setsuko the impetuous swordsman in Empire of the Clouds

Winter in the Frost Guard

Victor Cromwell in the Hounds of Hell (WWII)

Tracy Frost in the Infiltrators

Father Salvatore the priest turned vengeful mafioso in the Junior Mobsters

Jimmy Claybourne in the Nigelites

Chance Davis in Game of Chance

Ilythic in the Superheroes campaign

Dante Valentino the smooth-talker in Gangsterland

Jamo the easy-going marijuana addicted Voodoo warrior in unknown campaign name...

Ode to Characters Past

Fri, March 21, 2008 2:45 pm -- john

Down through the ages,
Our characters trot,
Some rather brilliant,
Some average, some not.

First comes Illythic,
Crowned and white-haired,
Arriving by carpet,
No wonder folks stared.

Next, Jimmy Claybourne,
A trickster and rat,
Yeah, he'd done that.

Lord Tracy Frost,
Stoic and regal,
Sword of sharp steel,
and eyes of an eagle.

Winter was icy,
Taking aim at your eye,
A small chance that you'd notice,
And then you would die.

Mellow brown Jamo,
The sly voodoo master
If his spells didn't sink you,
He'd pull out his blaster.

Liam the shooter,
Always with whiskey,
With a joke and a wink,
He'd smile at "risky".

Kojax, Commander.
Broodingly silent,
Principled, dour,
Unflinchingly violent.

Then Victor the sniper,
A professional soldier
Among the Hell Hounds,
Not one was bolder.

Though a seat at the table,
Now shall be empty,
These characters remain,
In memories a-plenty.

Jacob's departed,
On his own mission,
But the table remembers,
and the table shall miss him.