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Chance Davis, played by Jacob

Updated Character sheet: Chance Davis


Chance has long brown hair and a wild goatee that he trims from time to time. A life in the wild has left Chance with a weathered and wary face. His brown eyes are ever alert and his stance is always that of a waiting hunter. Chance usually wears a mail shirt and leather leggings/sleeves. He carries two broadswords, a composite bow, and a large knife.

Absolute Direction, Absolute timing: After living in the wild his whole life, Chance has an uncanny knack for knowing the time and direction.

Perception +3, Acute Vision +2: Chance was born with excellent perception (15) but his vision is practically unrivaled (17).



Chance never knew his parents. He grew up in the forests under the tutelage of an old Ranger known as "Thistle" -- a former adventurer who had grown too old for the road. His teacher told him that his parents both died when Chance was too young to rememeber and that his father was a simple farmer.

Chance grew up to display unusual feats of quickness and balance. He was also known for his keen perception, especially his crystal clear vision. There being many bandits roaming the forest, Chance learned quickly to track and hide from these roving butchers.

Soon enough, he was able to make money guiding visitors and caravans through the Northern forest -- hiding them from the roving bandits and getting them safely to their destinations.


One day when Chance was off guiding a local merchant through the forest, the raider band under a bandit chieftan known as "One-Eye" ambushed and killed Thistle. Upon returning, Chance turned to his warrior skills. He tracked down and killed many of the original band and made a life-long enemy of the bandits led by "One-Eye".

Into his adulthood, Chance now works to keep the forests safe, guide travelers and hunt down renegade bandits in his area.

Campaign Particulars -- Game of Chance

  • Took on 4 bandits who were trying to "shake down" Tor's Tavern -- successfully ending their protection racket and cutting one's leg off.
  • Tracked two surviving bandits back to their hideout and subsequently rescued two townspeople from dubious ends. In the process, decapitated one half-sleeping bandit and shot two others vitally with his composite bow knocking them both unconscious and one off his horse.
  • Chance has recently found that he can travel to an alternate reality through dreaming giving him a limited form of the Jumper advantage.
  • Took on 7 bandits when checking his back-trail and killed/incapacitated all of them.

Body Count

7 Bandits killed

3 Bandits seriously injured (may die from wounds)

1 Bandit leader (Dragg) incapacitated