Rolf Draxen

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An impressive 6'9" and over 300 lbs, Rolf was a bodyguard to Bishop Salvatore in Blood on the Snow.

In combat, he favors a double-bladed great axe, a massive weapon with a 5' haft.

Last seen wandering south through the eastern reaches of Darkwood en route to the Forbidden Steppes and lands of his aging warlord uncle, Kahn Draxen.

He got there in '15 and has been serving since.

He has/had a goblin slave named Mogra and traveled with Cavaziel in N2.


Unlike his brother Mads and half-brother Erik (both deceased), Rolf is quiet and slow moving.

  • Lazy
  • Incurious
  • No Sense of Humor
  • Guileless