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A half-orc slayer, henchman of Kahn Draxen.

Fights with two knives, moving constantly.

Rolf Draxen has never seen him sustain so much as a scratch (Lucky).

  • Utterly pitiless. A psychopath.
  • Tactical
  • Single-minded
  • Literal
  • Unflappable
  • Absolute Direction
  • Extra Attack

  • "For a half-orc, he could almost pass as human. The bushy beard helped."
  • Gray eyes
  • Rolf nodded and shook his hand. The half-orc was a head shorter, but strong.
  • Rolf plodded, breathing hard to keep up with Cavaziel, who bounded uphill with an enthusiasm that Rolf didn't bother questioning.
  • Cavaziel was a better tracker than Rolf, but no expert.
  • Beating the odds, Cavaziel had inherited positive traits from his graen father and human mother. From the former, the wide shoulders, thick neck, blue-gray skin, high pain tolerance, and short fangs. And from his human side, a narrow waist, smooth complexion, capacity for complex thought, and graceful movements. The exposed skin of his broad chest and thick arms was stained with primitive blue-black tattoos, and he kept his dark hair and beard long. Piercing light-gray eyes were enhanced by his dramatically arched brows, and there was a feral eagerness to his demeanor.

old name for hauberk...

City burner
Usurper's Keep.
Into glory ride
Ruler of iron
Force vigor dominance dominion force-wielder
Fist crush
Empower power
Rise of the usurper.
Ascendant usurper
Usurper, rebel
Power ascendant, rising
Ascendant fist
Tower of iron]