Logan's Rogues

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Setting & Context

Fantasy-Medieval Gurth, more specifically Camlin and the surrounding region.

Lord Logan, a super-wealthy aristocrat of Camlin who happens to also be the government's Minister of Commerce, has a problem. A particular type of problem that requires a particular type of team.

Character Build Parameters

These are 120 point characters with up to 40 points in Disadvantages and 5 points in Quirks.

Your character is a TL3 human unless you take a 5-point Unusual Background Advantage in which case you can use the Half-orc_Template or the Half-elf_Template.

You have no Supernatural or Alien capabilities, but one level of Magery is permitted with an additional 5 points in Unusual Background.

You are a rogue, though the flavor is up to you. You might be a slick con artist, or a pickpocket, or a street thug, or a brilliant burglar. But you do not have a regular job, and you are motivated by seizing that which is not yours. Choose advantages and disadvantages that fit that concept.

If we were playing D&D, you would probably be Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or True Neutral. We want the party to work well together most of the time; don't create a Chaotic Evil sociopath. Choose your advantages and disadvantages accordingly.


Assume the party has met and worked together before, but maybe not for very long -- unless you have a specific backstory that contradicts this scheme.

Characters should include:

  • Thoughtfully select your Wealth level-- it will determine your equipment.
  • You have lived your entire life in either Drannor or Durkin. Choose Area Knowledge(s). You are now in Camlin, why?
  • Choose Contacts if you want them to be useful.


Equipment in the books includes a price in dollars. These are silver pieces for our purposes. A shortsword is $400.

Wealth Levels:

  • Disadvantage: Dead Broke (-25) -- you have nothing but the shabby clothes on your back.
  • Disadvantage: Poor (-15) -- your budget for gear is $200.
  • Disadvantage: Struggling (-10) -- your budget for gear is $500.
  • Default budget is $1000.
  • Advantage: Comfortable (+10) -- your budget for gear is $2,000.
  • Advantage: Wealthy (+20) -- your budget for gear is $5,000.
  • Advantage: Very Wealthy (+30) -- your budget for gear is $40,000. At this level you will almost surely spend extra on items of exquisite quality. e.g., bladed weapons can be higher-than-normal quality -- Fine (+1 damage) blades cost 4x regular price, and very fine blades (+2 damage) cost twenty times the regular price.

Any proposed magic items will require GM approval and cost a lot.