Kriger Hellig

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Knight of Justice and Paladin played by User:Jesster in Darkness Rising, Fall of 2009.


Kriger was born the son of a merchant and lived for the most part, comfortably in the middle class of the great city of Zogby. As a teen, Kriger often helped his father with deliveries. Sometimes that meant travel to the nearby ciy Ra and once to Saleph. Some six years back, Kriger's father, down on his luck, struck a deal with a fur-trader from the jungle city of Sri to the far east. A boat load of spices and diamonds were to be traded for exotic furs which Kriger's father believed would strike him a handsome profit in and around Zogby. Kriger's father could not trust such a cargo of diamonds, and his last bit of wealth, to hired sailors though and insisted on making the voyage himself. He took Kriger along claiming that it would be a great adventure and a vacation.

Great adventure indeed. Not but a few days out from Zogby their vessel was attacked by pirates. The crew of the vessel and a weary scarred traveler named Ahmus deflected the attack, but not without injury to their crew and vessel. Ahmus complimented Kriger on his valiant fighting. Kriger was awe-stricken by Ahmus' combat prowess and more impressively, that he fought with a great hammer rather than a blade or bow. The rest of the journey to Sri was unmolested, but somber. In Sri, Kriger and his father were accosted by thieves and robbed of their diamonds which was the primary value they intended to trade. During the robbery, Kriger's father had his knee smashed and crippled. As such, with little wealth and his father passing in and out of delirium in a hospital Kriger sought out Ahmus for aid.

After days, Kriger found Ahmus at a temple with many robed and armored men doing exercises and combat training. Sadly, there was not much Ahmus could do for the boy and his father. The doctors reported that Kriger's father had slipped from sanity and there seemed to be an infection in his leg. With no money to return home, Kriger spent the last of their wealth caring for his father in an apartment in Sri. Eventually, Kriger took up work as a laborer during the days. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. After 7 months in Sri, Kriger's father eventually passed from the world of the living. Kriger, spent what little wealth he had on a funeral for his father, then sought out Ahmus and his order.

Kriger signed on to be a cleric of Donblas. He saw little of Ahmus and learned much of combat and of the teachings of Donblas the Justice-Maker. After some months, Kriger was chosen by the Grand Paladine to be trained as a Paladin. After months of rigorous training he was awarded his hammer of justice and sent on his first quest.

Now Kriger has been one of the Knights of Justice for over four years. He has been on dozens of quests and was given Ahmus' great maul of Justice when his hammer broke at the defense of a northern jungle city warding off raiding trolls. Ahmus no longer quests, but trains new paladins at the temple in Sri.

Recently Kriger has been sent as a protector of Commander Aishani to the far western city of Talathese


Kriger's Blessing Prayer

Donblas grant me strength. Donblas grant me virtue. Donblas, I am your Knight of Justice. I am your Paladin, Kriger Hellig. Great Justice shall be done by my hand with your blessing. My hammer will stop the unjust. My shield will protect the innocent. With your blessing, we shall do what we know is right and we shall march together if not into a world we make just and pure, then together side by side into hell.