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The huge continent on which most campaigns reside. We have Maps.

Cultural Regions

Culturally, Kara-Tur is divided somewhat like medieval Eurasia, with roughly:

  • Western European cultures in the northwest, (e.g., Drannor & Durkin)
  • Mediterranean (greek/roman) in the southwest, (e.g., Talathese)
  • Middle Eastern in the south central, (e.g., Ra)
  • Indian/Indonesian in the southeast, (e.g., Sri, Kali-Shaza
  • Asian in the east and northeast (e.g., Kozu)
  • Mongolian in the sparsely inhabited south-central region (e.g., Zitijan Steppe)


At some point in the distant past, the continent was rocked by the experiments of Zalshir, which changed the continental climate and created the Endless Waste.

An age of continental exploration began in the early 900s and resulted in Spice Road.


Gurth is conveniently astronomically identical to Earth -- month names, lunar cycles, seasons, etc. The whole of the continent is in the northern hemisphere, though its southern reaches are nearly equatorial.

An as-yet-undefined event caused the counting of years to begin about a thousand years ago.

For example, campaign references to '06 means the year 1006. This also serves as a point of reference to our real-life play sessions by adding 1000 years. So, (unless otherwise defined), campaign events that took place in Gurth's '03 means we probably played that campaign in 2003.