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A deity of Justice and fairness.

Worshiped by Bishop Salvatore from the Temple of Donblas in Blood on the Snow and Kriger Hellig in Darkness Rising.

At least in Sri, if not elsewhere, the followers of Donblas prefer to use the hammer of justice to smite those acting unjustly, although they seem adept with many types of weapons.

In Sri the temple of Donblas is less involved in politics than other religious sects, in fact they're less involved in religion than other sects. They have no priests, or priestesses, only warriors. Clerics and paladins are trained in the temple of Donblas in Sri. Clerics are typically volunteers who are trained and are more priestly than the paladins, praying and exercising more ceremonial endeavors than their more martial brethren. The paladins are chosen, some say by divine right, to go beyond the ranks of the clerics and become Knights of Justice in the service of Donlas the Justice maker. The select few chosen as paladins are trained by their seniors to be elite warriors and are then sent on quests or appointed positions deemed necessary by the highest ranking paladin, the Grand Paladine.

The Knights of Justice are well known and generally respected in Sri and surrounding areas. They are not necessarily law keepers as there are city guards employed for such endeavors, however in recent years the Prime Minister of Sri has allowed the paladins to be armed within the cities walls. To date no more than a shield carrying a hammer insignia has been reported as being used within the city walls by one of the warriors. He was reportedly using it to shelter an old woman beggar from public ridicule and tossed offal. That is not to say that the few paladins who walk the streets of Sri are inactive. It is uncommon that the city guards of Sri ever turn down an offer of assistance from a paladin. Many of the current clerics of Donblas are also, or were city guards. Since the appointment of the Prime Minister Yafeu Wamukoto, justice seems to be taking a firm foothold in Sri.