Temple of Donblas

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In Nottingham, an old religion has seen a resurgence in the last few decades. Given the city's infirm leadership in that time, it should be of no suprise that some of the people have turned to religion for direction and inspiration.

Donblas, it is said, is a deity who represents Justice. Donblas, the Justice-Maker. Thus, his followers often come to the church seeking justice, and with the amount of injustice in the world, the stream of such followers is continuous.

The Temple of Donblas has taken in recent years to issuing public pronouncements about the carriage of justice in the city. This can result in the government rebuking the temple, or praising it; temple leaders are politically savvy and are able to influence public policy on some matters.

The Temple is run by one High Priest and a cadre of six Bishops:

  1. Salvatore
  2. ?
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