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Once the capital of Drannor, the past few generations have cared less about broad-reaching control, and more about building upon their vast and ancient castle complex. Construction is continuous, with new spires, towers, keeps, and other structures being added year-round, despite the brutal winters. Of the population of just under 100,000, nearly half contribute in some way to the construction effort.

The great North River supplies the sprawling city with ample clean, fresh water, and serves as transport for lumber from Darkwood.

Nottingham is the birthplace of Niko Arcanian, who now runs a frontier lumber operation in Darkwood.


Paco Trailian serves as the Duke of Nottingham and surrounding lands, though some call him King.

Security Forces

The large, well-armed and armored military is maintained as a preparation for some future reuniting of the dukedoms of Drannor under one flag, with Nottingham as the capital of the kingdom.

The city guards, the largest division of the military at 7,000, wear green and yellow patterned sashes.


The king of Nottingham, Thulion, left on “urgent business” some 40 years ago, never to be seen again. In his absence, the Dukes of Drannor, after 3 years decided to appoint one of the young but promising heirs to the Dukedom of St. Vincent. Rumors exist that the king was bored and went adventuring to be killed by the first goblin he encountered. Others say that he was running from the curse of Nottingham…what curse, you ask…that and ancient ruler of Nottingham was murdered and will never let another rule his kingdom. No one really knows what the “urgent business” was, or where he was headed, but it seems to be mentioned in most stories.

In mid-adolescence Paco Trailian was chosen to fill the regal vacancy in Nottingham in the king’s absence. Paco is the twin brother of the duke of St. Vincent, Porillo Trailian.

Paco, at first did not think he was a capable ruler, but quickly became assertive with the help of his uncanny charisma as a young man and his assigned bodyguards. The inhabitants of Nottingham came to respect him for giving them work and goals when they were beginning to lose hope. Nottingham was on the verge of disarray, with the king gone and most of the general populous turning to self-sustenance and greed, losing sight of any greater goals. Paco has since done well in turning Nottingham’s morale and “cleaning the streets”. Recently, it is rumored that Paco has been ill. He hasn’t spoken publicly for months. Some blame his brother, Porillo. They believe that Porillo had his brother cursed or poisoned on his last visit to St. Vincent in order to get him to come home. Still others think it may be a curse on Nottingham itself.

--- The Infiltrators spooked out an old alchemist who was attempting to poison the steward and implant doppelgangers in order to serve his dark god, Cyric.

Following that adventure, Paco regained his health and again began instilling a sense of civic pride unto the populous of Nottingham.

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