Amanda Mordred

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Amanda in some of her favorite formal wear

In Warlocks, the daughter of Grazik Mordred, played by John.


Born on Sorcerers Isle in the year 885 to the arch-mage of the Iron Circle Grazik Mordred and the necromancer Priscilla Arcteron, Amanda was a magical experiment even as she developed in her mother's womb. Daily rituals and collaborations with extra-planar beings resulted in her remarkable attributes: a powerful proclivity for Magery, and her ability to fly.

At the age of five, after her mother's untimely death at the hand of a spiteful underworld spirit, Grazik placed the girl in an intensive training program focused on harnessing elemental forces, particularly fire. Twenty years later, Amanda prevailed upon her protective father to allow her to venture out into the world in service to the Iron Circle.


While her lineage blessed her with Flight and Beauty, Amanda's two decades of mostly solitary study and practice has led her to develop into a somewhat anti-social woman (Loner) with some peculiar beliefs (Delusion: "Fire Spirits Surround Me") and practices (Disciplines of Faith (Ritualism)).

Having led a somewhat pampered life of wealthy magery, she is chauvinistic towards common folk, prefers dressing formally and staying among civilized society.