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In Wildcard, inscrutable beings of the Delta-9 galaxy who have mastered inter-dimensional travel.

From GM Notes:

the ur-viles can manipulate reality and switch dimensions and alter time, 
but are inscrutable, not power-hungry, mysterious. Their homeworld is a black rock 
with constant dry lightning storms cast by churning black clouds that never rain. 
they live below in tunnels and honeycomb chambers in perfect blackness. 

each dark staff-wielder points its staff at the egg in front of it -- the tip of 
the staff nearest you is less than a yard from your face, but you are paralyzed.

then the tip of the staff alights with bright green light, illuminating you, and 
the face of the staff wielder before you.

or what passes for a face. the creature is naked, charcoal-black shiny amphibian skin. 
The limbs and neck are short, and the head oversized, with a dramatic protuberance on 
each side of the back of the skull.

they have no eyes or nose, but seeping holes for nostrils. The mouth is a slit.

the eyeless creature seems to peer at you, swaying the green orb atop the staff back and 
forth, which appears to be made of braided roots or vines.

now you notice smaller creatures, 2-3' tall, at the each of feet of the staff-wielders. 
they too are hujmanoid, but their mouths are oversized andthe top half of where their 
head should be is not present. Their limbs are disproportionately long, and they move 
with erratic insect-like jerkiness. (These are the pupal form of the adults.)