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There is a road running south from Gamblers Reach along the eastward side of the Wildwood. That road encounters a city called Raal. On the edge of Raal is a great wooden bridge over the torrents of the Wild River from which the road continues to skirt the edges of the Wild Wood before encountering the River Roan where it turns west toward Camlin.

At the base of the Ozgarns near where the Wild River enters the Wild Wood, lies the city of Raal. Sitting just within earshot of the ever-roiling river, Raal is comprised of a very diverse populace. Half-Orcs from the Dark Hills are not uncommon. Wild and feral woodland elves from the woods west, magicians from Argyle and hearty mountain barbarians down from the Ozgarns all frequently visit the city.

Raal seems to never rest. Perhaps it is the din of the Wild River thrashing into the woods along the southern border or the seemingly ever-present gypsy wagons with their drumming and dancing along the outskirts or the frequent skirmishes caused by either the brutish half-orcs or mountain barbarians, or both.

While the citizens get along fairly well, despite racial differences, the woodland elves and half-orcs do not get along on any terms.

The Wild Wood elves are generally aloof beings, their beaded and feathered long hair neatly braided about their keen features set them as a stark contrast to most other inhabitants of Raal.

The barbarians of the nearby Ozgarns seem to have tribal communities and occasionally will bring down rare furs or creature components whether they be drake scales or saber-tooth lion tusks to trade in Raal. They also enjoy the occasional entertainment of civilization until it wears at their earthy cores.

Starting location for Uncertain Allies.


  • Randy's, a brothel/inn/tavern/massage parlor