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In the Into The Black campaign, a species discovered on GD-66b.

As described in the journals of its discoverer Dr. Maximillius Alphonso:

A hulking half-erect figure, leaning awkwardly forward, half again larger than a man, no discernible head or neck, a broad bony oval hinged shield-plate on its dorsal side with a rudder-like tail, and two rows of 7 carapace-encased limbs on the ventral. The four lowest limbs scuttle erratically, propelling the bear-like beast forward with surprising speed and agility. When upright, the ten free limbs cycle and jerk, and seem to be tipped with different jagged protuberances, ranging from a forked spear-like tip, an axe-like blade, to a three-clawed clinging talon, to a thick and knobby bone mass.

I believe the creature uses these implements to conduct subterranean excavation work: diggers, splitters, grippers, and smashers.

A typical specimen is 9' tall (SM +1) and weighs 850lb.