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From Blood on the Snow GM Notes:

Giant Wolves: 400 lb of THICK, MATTED, mottled black-and-gray fur and muscle, red eyes, long yellow teeth:

ST: 18, DX 12, IQ 4, HT 12
DR 2 (tough skin, thick fur)
Will 12, Per 14, Speed 7, Dodge 10, Move 10 (-2 bad footing) Brawling (attack) 15
Initial attack:  POUNCE (B371)
Sharp Teeth – 1d+1 cutting, goes after arms and legs (especially legs – prone food is easier), 
              and will frequently all-out-attack (2 attacks)

  • They fear fire
  • If hungry, they will devour their fallen brethen rather than keep fighting.
  • Pelts can be made into garments equal to Arctic (not Winter) clothing.