Udyr Hjemta

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Played by Jess in Blood on the Snow.



Udyr having been summoned by king Valgard as one of the largest individuals in the community and the unstated wrestling guru and teacher, has taken his great grandfathers oiled mail hauberk and horned helm from the trunk at the foot of his bed. The reason why his ancestor had forsaken the armor when going beyond the glacier with King Asgrim has often haunted Udyr's thoughts. Myanna, Udyr's wife, was recently found to be pregnant with their first child, and Udyr's thoughts have been of the highlands and that he wants his son to grow up strong, perhaps forging steel in the fires of Brannjern rather than squandering his existence in these lowlands as the Nord have been doing for the past 100 years.

Udyr has little love for Valgard, as the king has kept the Nord living in fear becoming soft in the lowlands and now the king sends his champions with weak lowlanders to reclaim the homeland of the Nord, rather than leading the entire village back to the forge, the steel, the stone and the strength of their people.

Udyr has gathered his best wood-cutting axe, forged himself under the tutelage of NPC Nord Smith. He is surprised at how well the helm and vest of steel fits, for he recalls his father stating it was too large. Udyr is prepared to do whatever he can to assist in taking back a better home for his children. He will show the lowlanders why he wins the caber toss every spring, and has been called Orc Thrower, he has no fear of orc or troll or the giants of legend. He has love for his people and a yearning for the land of his ancestors.


Udyr possesses the following personality-defining traits:

Can be short of temper.
Code of Honor (Nord)
Fear of Magic, otherwise he is courageous.
Intolerant (Lowlanders)
Not good with small objects (hamfisted)
Callous on the battlefield (quirk)
Especially quiet around strangers (quirk)
Fond of Food & Drink (quirk)