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This is a four-color comic book style Super Hero campaign.

Started on 11 July, 2009.

The Setting

The world is very similar to ours. The technology is akin to the world in which we live, tech level 8. There is higher tech, but that is restricted to other unique individuals, as their powers or perhaps government organizations, etc. The political climate is similar to ours. The American government is under new leadership with a large emphasis on reforming from some of the corporation-centric decisions of the former administration. People with powers are not super common and most try to avoid the public eye. However, there are some, such as Titaniman who embrace it. The public is generally accepting and occasionally thankful of the assistance of powered individuals, although they are very volatile and quick to turn against any "freak". Many costumed individuals are criminals or soon become criminals once they learn their abilities are much more profitable when operating outside the law. That being the case, "villains" generally seem to outnumber "heroes" and because local and governmental law are busier, there is a higher crime rate than our "real world."

You will have all been recruited by a man who says he works for the DEA (Daniels Environmental Agency). He asks that you work with them, rather than as individual mercenaries or vigilantes or whatever makes sense for your back story. This will be fleshed out better for each of you once I know more of your character vision.

Suggested References

Movies - Hellboy, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, X-men (1,2,3), Spiderman (1,2,3)

Reading - Comic books (Avengers, Spiderman, Watchmen, Ironman, Batman) - mostly basic super hero stuff.


Reeloran and Foxy have been working together for some time, primarily in NY, but occasionally elsewhere along the east coast. Although, Tzai has only joined the team two weeks ago. He has only helped the others on one occasion when the group was notified by the local authorities via the red phone that there was something going on at the wharfs that was bigger than NYPD and apparently the FBI, CIA or any other official agencies hadn't caught wind of it. The NYPD thought it was simply car thieves loading stolen cars up to ship somewhere down the coast to re-face and sell, but after Reelaran had drawn some fire by plucking away their high-posted watchmen, Tzai walked in and confused the negotiators while the Scarlet Fox blocked the loading of anymore vehicles by moving an empty shipping crate in front of the loading dock. After getting shot by a sneaky goon, she then began psycokinetically throwing people and objects around while Reeloran broke bones and shredded anyone threatening. After all was said and done, Tzai was talking to the site boss when the NYPD stormed into the aftermath to make arrests and cleanup the pounds of cocaine that was being smuggled behind door panels and under the seats of the mostly destroyed stolen cars.

The group has the 42nd floor penthouse of a building that houses mostly business cube-farms, with a few floors of apartments on the lower levels. It is paid for, cleaned, furnished and stocked with supplies and food by the DEA. There is red colored wired telephone that is a direct line only from the NYPD and NYFD. There is a large dual access fireplace opening into the kitchen and the living room where Reeloran spends most of his time in the penthouse. Scarlet Fox has her own apartment separate from the penthouse, but accessible from two doors. One into the main entry way and another from her office, which enters the library/gym of the penthouse studio.

Character Guidelines

Characters will likely be stronger than what the GURPS books define as Street Heroes and will likely be Four-Color heroes. Using movies as a reference, the Incredible Hulk is too strong to be a PC, Iron Man would be a very strong PC, Spiderman or some of the X-men would be examples of the level of hero I'm expecting the party to be.

Characters will start with 400 points. Max of -75 points in disadvantages. I'll take proposals for more if it fits a back story. No less than a 7 on any attribute. A 7 would require a good back story. A decent back story is expected.

I will likely assign disadvantages/advantages as I see fit to help weave characters and stories, but will be sure to not break your vision of your character.


What Happened

The Heist

While Reeloran sat in the fireplace and ate entire roasted chickens, Tzai looked out over the city serenely from the penthouse balcony and the teenage Scarlet jammed out to her ipod while reading Cosmopolitan when the red phone rang.

To prevent Reeloran's grumblings over the piercing ring, Tzai made haste to answer the phone. Detective Eddy Donalee was on the other end, asking for assistance with a break-in at the American Museum of Natural History. He stated there were costumed figures seen there and they wanted the help of the "Super Team" because they didn't want the museum and it's precious contents harmed.

The team sprung into action with Reeloran taking to the overcast sky and the others racing dangerously through the dark streets of NY on Scarlet's motorcycle and sidecar.

At the museum Reeloran dove from the sky onto an unsuspecting armored gun man on the roof. After some combat, the sentry was shoved off of the roof to smash upon the marble steps below, exposing itself as a robot. After a few handguns were shot, both Tzai and Fox were blasted with shotguns, some thugs were disarmed and tossed about telepathically, and two robots were disabled some of the human thugs who were apprehended directed the demon and the blond boy to the roof where Reeloran flew up and dropped Tzai on the roof as they witnessed The Valkyrie just fleeing the scene. The demon gave momentary chase before giving up and returning to join the Scarlet Fox in clearing the museum from the breached entrance. Tzai entered as Reeloran chased off the Valkyrie and went about tracking the thieves actions back to the theft of the Scrolls of Akanuba, then disabling the museums alarm. Scarlet Fox raced off on her motorcycle when accosted by the swarming police to fill out paperwork as Tzai and Reeloran interrogated the captives.

American Museum of Natural History.jpg

The next day after Tzai helped Gertrude cook breakfast, Tzai and Scarlet Fox hit the streets to go shopping with Tzai's great wealth which he unquestioningly handed out to homeless people, spurring multiple tabloid articles about a mysterious blond rock-star passing out benjamins to the needy. After purchasing much new chic attire and coffee, they went about inquiring into the nature of the robbery and where to find out more, leading to gathered information pointing to a fellow named Grigori.

Tzai did some online research on Grigori as well as Baron Daurk, who was mentioned by The Valkyrie atop the museum.

The party then decided to visit Grigori in his ugly gray apartment building. After bouncing his two giant black bouncers up the stairs of the apartment building, Tzai and Scarlet approached from the ground as Reeloran flew in through the 4th floor bedroom window and interrupted the mans night time activities involving three naked or near naked ladies of the night. He then took Grigori out and down to the street where they had a conversation. Grigori mentioned that some goons he sometimes hires were working for Daurk, but he himself turned down Daurk's proposition for assistance. Maybe it was Grigori appreciating that the demon didn't drop him off of a bridge as per Scarlet's suggestion, maybe the demon liked Grigori's attitude, but for whatever reason, Grigori agreed to look into what Daurk was up to and to aid the Demon if he could.


Rave - Sparky & Tricula.

Back to the penthouse.

Woke up to Reeloran beating carcasses.

Tuna Cruiser.jpg

Revisit Grigori, visit with his neighbors, sampled some 7-UP & Pucker Up Apple Schnapps. =)

Sea serpent.jpg

Visit DEA, try to get plane. Daniels says 2 day wait, but his motivation for putting the group together was to reduce crime in NY.

So - Plane stealing! Shot down.

Coast Guard disablement.

Boat rescue, sneaky.


Cross the ocean.

Sea monster near Africa. Crew mostly slain. Tzai chewed up.

Dropped off by grumpy captain who just lose half his crew.

Boat upriver into the jungle.

Then hiking inland, Congolese militia.

In search of the temple

The Congolese soldiers turned back the group's guide, Malika, until Scarlet Fox sent one of them hanging from a nearby tree while Reeloran watched from a concealed position above the canopy. The party then ventured further into the mountainous jungle until the guide pointed them onward and turned back saying he wouldn't cross onto sacred ground. He left the group while Tzai performed a Babylonian ritual of safe passage for the group.

After Tzai's ritual, the party continued onward until they found some ruins which Tzai surmised was an outlaying statue welcoming them into the temple proper. The party then continued with Reeloran using his demonic aura of life's bane and his razor sharp claws to clear a path through the generous bush toward the temple.

Reeloran's unstealthy approach drew the attention of two Daurkbot Guards Who approached and waylaid the party by stunning Scarlet Fox and shooting the demon out of the sky before blasting the clothes off of Tzai and then being brute-force decapitated and smashed by a telekinetic log club.

Outside the temple in ruins, Reeloran piledrove another Daurkbot into the stone while Tzai lured two others beneath a stone awning before having Foxy drop it upon them. The group then descended into the subterranean chamber where Baron Daurk was incanting some dark ritual. After a heavily weaponed Daurkbot laid napalm across the stair pyramid in the green flickering supernatural light, Scarlet Fox began lifting it. The android shot her with a small rpg which left her staggering backwards up the ramp into the approaching Reeloran who carried her up the ramp to safety as she lost consciousness. As Tzai climbed the stairs toward the chanting Baron, the Daurkbot continued to try to bring down the boy with fire and rockets. With rubble falling from multiple rockets, the demon emerged from the aperture behind the robot and flew up to tackle it on the stairs, then proceeded to wrench the death droid's head from it's shoulders. He succeeded just as Tzai, shouting Babylonian rituals interrupted the Baron's evil deed by charging blindly into him. A dark cloud had spread across the top of the small pyramid. Reeloran took to the air.

The Baron exclaimed, "you fools! Now you have released the avatar of Maluuku upon us all. You're idiocy be damned! Guards, STOP THEM!" He then ran off down the far side of the stone step pyramid as the cloud of darkness slowly coalesced into a twelve-foot tall skeletal being.

Rubble falling all around them, and the Baron disappearing into a door on the far side of the avatar, a voice that resembled the dead leaves rustling over your grave, not yet filled, chillingly pierced it's message into the minds and souls of the heroes. It was the voice of Maluuku: "Defilers of the dead! Why have you brought me to this place I do not belong? The land of the living is no place for Maluuku, the keeper of the bones of the passed. Be gone from this holy place or you will pay for your insolence!"

The Final Session

With dust clouding your vision, an earthen stone rumble barraging your ears, and debris falling all around you we resume as the chilling threat of the keeper of bones rings in your minds and souls. Scarlet was awoken by the supernatural occurrence and the avatar's warning, although is still grievously wounded. Tzai stands atop the stone pyramid at the feet of the 12 foot skeletal being who looms imposingly over the boy. Reeloran stands two-thirds of the way up the stairs looking up towards Tzai and Maluuku.