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In a fertile valley a long day's ride east of Luxor, the village of Gredding is home to just under a thousand pastoral farmers, hunters, miners, foresters, brewers, craftspeople and their families. To the south, Ravenwood, and the Hills of Nimlith roll ever higher to the north and east.

Recently, water quality complaints have dominated the weekly town meeting, and many worry that Sally's Brook, the stream that supplies most of the village's water, has become fouled, and perhaps the village's two community wells are next. Word was sent to Luxor a week ago, with no response to date.

Yesterday, a breathless woodsman reported being chased out of his camp by "the walking dead" near the headwaters of Sally's Brook, and as his story has spread, panic threatens to overtake the town.

Having no standing security force, Mayor Griswald has therefore assembled a hardy group of capable travelers to investigate the issue upstream, with hopes that Luxor will send additional help soon.

Character Creation Guidelines

These are 100-point characters who can expect relatively rapid advancement in this campaign.

This is a frontier community and you are therefore hardy and capable of long-distance travel.

You've been selected for a reason, and your character story should articulate that reason. Examples for inspiration and mix-and-match:

  • The half-elf hunter/ranger who knows the uplands intimately
  • The strongman who always wins the wrestling competition
  • The clever city engineer who can always figure out the best & cheapest logistics
  • The landlord of noble birth who received military leadership training
  • The naturopath who speaks to plants and has a cache of healing herbs
  • The one mage in town, known for helpful magic
  • The mayor's cousin, who has no special skills but the mayor owes him one -- or is trying to be rid of him.

A Sense of Duty and actual Duty to your friends and families in the village of Gredding is required, but implied -- no need to document it.

An Area Knowledge of the immediate surroundings of your village is implied. Knowledge of the depths of Ravenwood or the heights of the Hills of Nimlith or streets of Luxor must be purchased with character points.

Magery is allowed with an additional 10 point Unusual Background.

Otherwise, spend a max of:

  • 100 points on primary attributes (might be wise to spend much of this to set a good basis for skills)
  • 50 points on advantages
  • 50 points on disadvantages (spending it all would be wise)
  • 50 points on skills (might be wise to have many one-point skills ready for advancement)


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