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A city in the north of the Empire of the Clouds.

On the Crying River, south of the Dulso forests.


Lumber from the northern forests are ferried in to Ramiin and crafted by master carpenters. Additionally, Ramiin has a large grainary where much of the surrounding farmers sell their wheat. There are some masterwork carpenters in Ramiin and it is known for it's fine furniture and wagons.

Most of the parchment in Nouchi comes from the mill on the northern border of Ramiin. There remains only a small library in Ramiin as most scholars and writers of any talent have went to Shuto. The old library, greatest in the land was sadly burnt down some 100 years past.


There is no city wall. Ramiin the furthest established outpost of the Empire, with little in the way of Empire-funded defenses. A small guard station with 14 bunked beds houses between 6 and 8 stationed soldiers and any passing patrols. There are patrols of 2 to 8 soldiers that pass through Ramiin. There are rumors that this station is to be graduated to an Imperial temple and also house Templars and Imperial officials. The soldiers have a city map under the desk.

Places & Personalities

Ramiin also houses one of the largest apothecaries in the Empire, where the diminutive proprietor says he gets most of his wares from the forests and swamps to the north. In addition to herbal preparations, he sells components like newt eggs, cat whiskers, and spider silk. The (unnamed) proprietor is attracted to women like Brigett.

Mr. Fudo runs a network of tavern/inns including The Sentry, one of very few stone buildings in the city. Another, (unnamed) is three stories, with the tavern/restaurant on ground floor, stairs up to a landing and a door where Mr. Fudo resides and works, and an upper level of rooms for rent.

Dr. Hau is a prominent physician in the city, who works days at the hospital but can be enticed with gold to work after house as well. "Very expensive", is one of his favorite lines. He also likes hot tea.

Location: Map #18