Ohtar Beleg

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Ohtar's scarred visage

In Middle Earth, a discontent ranger played by Jess.


After living with the elves of Lorien for a number of years, he went north into the Misty mountains in search of adventure and the fabled elven bow Cuthalion.

During his youth, Ohtar learned of his bloodline and his possible destiny to lead men. This grew his ego and pushed him to excel at archery, which he was a talent he had naturally. Ohtar's time with the elves of Lorien only strengthened his distaste for the shorter races as some of his mentors did not hold dwarves and hobbits in high regard. Additionally, Ohtar surpassed many of even the best elven archers of the wood in ability. Through his teachings he learned of an ancient elven bow used by Earendil to slay Ancalagon the Black. He learned that another dragon had since raided many keeps, cities and holds searching for the bow.

After years of searching, Ohtar found what he believes to have been Gorlos the Worm in a high mountain layer near Mount Gundabad. There had a brief battle with a dragon Ohtar believes to have been the ancient Gorlos, whom he slew with two well placed arrows, the first being into the beasts great eye as it spewed acidic gas from its gaping maw at the ranger. After dodging and hiding throughout the rocky mountains for some time as the enraged dragon chased Ohtar, he eventually spotted the beast's birthspot and took aim, ending the beasts rampage with a poisoned arrow. From the horde he did indeed acquire Cuthalion and an ugly belt.

At some point during his years hunting the northern mountains, Ohtar had a particularly eventful run-in with trolls where he was outnumbered and did not have enough arrows to keep the beasts at bay before they got to him and in the ensuing melee, his face was scarred (distinct appearance). He now falls into a fit of blood-lusted rage whenever encountering trolls.

After acquiring Cuthalion, Ohtar sought out ways to bring the men of Middle Earth together and to claim his rule as the King of men. During this time he made an ally out of the Steward of Gondor and enemies among the easterners when they occasionally threatened borders. Since the war of the ring and Aragorn's appointment, Ohtar has been a loyal and efficient spy and scout, although he is jealous of the King and jaded that all of his grand accomplishments have for the most part went unnoticed.