Lord Callaway

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A few days after Vasker Raiden's arrest and imprisonment, Lord Callaway convened a session, which every member was permitted to do twice a year. Torben Callaway had made his fortune as a restaurateur in Camlin and moved to Cormire in his fifties for the lake. Over the next two decades, he reinvented as a designer and builder of fine sailboats, and thusly built his renown in Cormire. Over that period, he'd met Vasker on one occasion, a gala put on by Lyvian Beaumont, and found him to be a gentleman. News of Vasker's arrest surprised him, especially against a backdrop of bold and militaristic actions taken by the Viceroy.

And so, once the traditional formalities were out of the way, Lord Callaway stood to be recognized, spewed the expected venerations, and then turned to the matter of his discomfort.