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Forest of druids...

Vandal's Campaign Notes from 1990

In this land live the mariners of the far north. The main of their culture is nautical knowledge. They have the largest marine force in the world. Not only are they the rulers of the oceans in this respect, but they enforce this power by impressment on the high seas and periodic raids on all harbored naval forces of the other kingdoms. The Icelund government, centralized in Zürich, also sanctions privateers with Letters of Marque and Reprisal. These pirates plunder the high seas under the auspice and protection of Icelund forces.

The northland is basically cold for most of the year, with a layer of permafrost that prevents any form of substantial agriculture, an enviro-economic factor that makes raiding other more fertile kingdoms to the south a required component of the Icelund gross domestic product. The northmen raise some livestock that can withstand the climate (sheep, goats) but the land is fragile, good pasture is scarce, and the growing season is short.

Bustling Zürich lies on the Inlet of Loki, the largest port of Icelund. The city buzzes with intensity. Adventurers are rounded up for ships' crew at nearly every corner. Much shipbuilding takes place close to the marina, where there are scores of vessels in various states of construction. This kingdom can be characterized as a land of blue-collar workers and warriors, and the smell of their cheap ale pervades center city. The streets here are a marketplace of foodstuffs, ale, weapons, and other items (mostly plundered). Behind closed doors and large men, stacks of gold pieces are exchanged for goods and services that are too big to be bargained for on the streets.

For those who offend the Governor, there is a prison/mining camp that excavates silver from the inland hills. Prisoners there are mutinees and others captured on the high seas who were not fit to be impressed and serve as new Icelundian crewmen. The King of Icelund, Hrothgar, concerns himself little with such administrativa, and most actual management of his country he leaves for his faithful Gnomes of Zurich. Six months of the year Hrothgar spends at his palatial stronghold outside his capitol city. The other half on personal campaigns throughout the lands and oceans, in order that he keep in shape and stave off boredom. On these campaigns, the King adventures with a loyal and formidable group of friends, who, during the off-season, entertain themselves with adventures or pleasures until they the King's call.

To the west, falling under the arctic circle is the isle of Felix, land of Frost Giants. Uninhabited by men, this place is ruled by Frost Giants who are too numerous to allow any human colony to be established. Isolated by water and rarely sighted of their island, the Icelundians allow this giant enclave to exist, or vice versa.