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Played by Melissa in Blood on the Snow.



Hjordis grew up playing with her brother Bjorn (the King's only other child) and the sons of the clansmen. From playing games with them she learned the basics of fighting with a sword and axe and the art of escape. Her excessive curiosity led her to perfecting her pick pocketing skills. She never tires of asking questions and has a never-ending appetite for information and learning new things. Her mother (Queen Astrid) taught her the skill of light walking that has been passed on through generations in her family. This was very useful generations ago when women and young girls were used as messengers in battle. They needed to get to and from encampments without being detected to carry news regarding the wars.

When Hjordis was 13, one night after lifting the prize medallion from the winner of the annual Tafl tournament she was running with her brother across a frozen lake after dark to their cave of acquired treasures when he fell through the ice and was not seen again. She blames herself for his death and made a vow to never cross frozen water in the dark again. Her father does not blame her for Bjorn's death, but instead only sees Bjorn when he looks at her. Her mother has never stopped mourning his death. Since a body has never been recovered and King Valgard has never officially explained how his son died numerous stories circulate amongst the people as to what happened. Some believe Hjordis killed him accidentally while sword fighting, others believe she arranged his kidnapping by a neighboring clan out of jealousy and the story of his death was propagated to prevent another war from breaking out, some believe he was devoured by trolls, and some believe he left long ago looking for the Sword and Ring of Asgrim on his own. Hjordis would grow tired of the whispering, pointing and sideways glances she received from some people and would disappear into the caves for months at a time. Some claimed they could hear the clash of steel against cold steel echoing against the cave walls for days at a time.

Her mother fears the loss of her only other child and does not want Hjordis to go on this journey. Astrid has begged Valgard to not send her daughter as his representative. Hjordis is constantly looking for forgiveness and redemption from Valgard for the death of her brother and believes this will be accomplished by returning with the Sword and Ring of Asgrim. At times she becomes wrecked with grief over his death. Hjordis knows Bjorn would have succeeded in this endeavor and therefore must do the same.


Hjordis possesses the following personality-defining traits: Dangerously curious.