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A type of assassin demon, described in Ur campaign notes:

An 8', winged, flaming, muscular humanoid, three faces – lion, wolf, dragon -- with curved horns of a ram armed with a steel scythe (like Death) and a tail like a scorpion.

Multiple faces provide an easy 120-degree field of view and associated peripheral view.

Causes FRIGHT CHECK AT -3 penalty.

3rd-edition stats:
ST 30 (THR=3D,SW=5D+2, strong enough to not ready the scythe, attacks every round)
IQ 14
DX 13
HT 15/45 
PD/DR: 4/9
MV: 7/7 (FLYING)
combat reflexes, high pain of course, 360-degree vision, instant regeneration
MAGIC RESISTANCE +3 (Academus will see this)
WEAPON DAMAGE: scythe (skill=DX=14) cuts at 5d+2 or impales at 5d (-2 to hit)
Weapon Oomph: 60

A demonologist might know that it's an assassin demon of significant strength, one of the larger ones the Black Ether were capable of summoning, difficult to control, and never present for long.

In combat, described as bleeding flaming gasoline. Upon death, as most demons do, dissipated into gray goo, but given their size (and potential momentum), this is likely to splatter flaming goo on anyone nearby (within 2 hexes) -- 1 damage for d6 rounds of activity, or stop drop and roll to extinguish in 1 round.