Gamblers Reach

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The major barrier to trade between Drannor and Durkin is Gamblers Reach, a 200-mile stretch of narrow coastline backed by the steep Ozgarn Mountains, populated by marauding bands of murderous highwaymen, aggressive pirates, and several clans of orcs, ogres, hill giants, trolls, gnolls, and hobgoblins, which sometime cooperate and coordinate to raid the best-defended caravans.

Experienced merchants say goods transported over land through Gamblers Reach stand no better than a 30% chance of safe delivery.

If ships pass over while they breed, these creatures, in the dozens, react violently, leaping up out of the sea to tear up boats and sailors

Complicating matters is the existence of sea monsters who have ceremonial breeding grounds off the coast.

On paper, the southern half of this stretch of coastline is 'governed' by Lord Seranos Carlisle of Durkin.

Products exported from North to South: pitch, wool, beer & spirits, furs, fish, cheese, pickled vegetables, cloth, salt, jewelry, grain.

From South to North: spices, alloys, wine & rum, fine leather, dried fruits, nuts, honey, wax, jewelry, olive oil, weapons and armor, grains, art, fine items of wood, musical instruments, ceramics, Elven artisan creations, and all manner of expensive Eastern goods (carpets, glasswork, exotic spices, gems).

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