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In the southern reaches of Glimmorwood, tribes of valley elves live in small villages among the massive redwoods, firs, cedars, and alders. Four tribes are dominant and collaborative. They have several common qualities and traditions:

  • Loosely governed as a matriarchy with little formal structure
  • A solemn martial tradition borne of a long-vanquished shared enemy
  • A coming-of-age tradition known as Vizinaya in which adolescents are sent off to live alone in the forest, silent, practicing their skills and traditions, for 10 years.
  • A respect for Bezryn, a seldom-seen dragon that hunts and protects the forest in a manner negotiated by the tribes generations ago
  • Occasional trade with the gnomes of the mountains
  • Reverence for Tantravelle Forest, an especially enchanted and beautiful region to the south and west, and home to Tavalyn Shee
  • A tendency for all genders to wear their hair long and wear loose-fitting blue and green garments

The four tribes have some unique qualities:

  • Ellion - keepers of oral tradition, ancient knowledge, hidden lore, placing a high value on aesthetics, vision, balance, potions and salves
  • Ciradyl - the makers, the logisticians, crafts-people, builders,
  • Shendalar - closest to nature, tree-speakers, healers
  • Rahana - the tribe most devoted to martial arts

Character Creation

200 points to start, -75 in D, -5 Q


  • Template: Elf (Fantasy) 70-pt template unless you take a 10-point Unusual Background and can be human (0 points, no template).
  • Disadvantage: Duty (Tribe): -10 points
  • Skill: minimum one point in each of: Naturalist (Gurth), Judo, Survival (Woodlands)

Tribal requirements and advantages:

  • Ellion - no restriction on magic colleges, alchemy & hidden lore skills available
  • Ciradyl - magic restricted to movement, making and breaking, and protection colleges. Gizmo
  • Shendalar - magic restricted to animal, plant, and healing colleges. "Healer" advantage available.
  • Rahana - magic restricted to: body control college. minimum one point in Karate. Advantages "Trained by a Master" and "Weapon Master" are available.