Barak Kattan

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A character played by johnm in Game of Chance.



Barak protecting a visiting dignitary a few years back.

Barak Kattan hails from eastern lands, where shining cities rise up from harsh deserts, and turbaned sultans rule with iron fists while copper-skinned beauties with flashing eyes twirl in brightly colored silks.

Barak's huge size and physical prowess made him a natural for the armed forces, and as a young man he participated in numerous bloody skirmishes to protect the sultan's vast territory.

Then a time of peace came, and the sultan used Barak as an internal enforcer and executioner. Many heads have rolled on the ground, separated from their bodies by Barak's razor-sharp halberd.

Besides his freakish size, Barak is unattractive to women (or men), and was frequently the target of jokes. For female companionship, he would visit the underground brothels occasionally, where he contracted a disease that has further diminished his appearance with scabrous skin lesions.

Repulsive to women, disrespected by his supposed "brothers" in the military, and responsible only for the occasional execution, Barak recently decided to abandon his life in the city and travel to the ends of the earth in a search of adventure and meaning.