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Aboard WTF5309, an AI-assist-bot.

BAIDER - Better Artificial Intelligence Does Everything Better:

  • 20 years old, heavily modded by the previous owner of the ship
  • Unreliable - on difficult tasks it overheats and shuts down for an hours-to-days-long reboot/rebuild cycle
  • Capable of taking over control (if so instructed) of the ship's propulsion systems for slow, delicate operations like docking with a standard spaceport, landing on uneven ground, hovering in high winds.
  • Answers questions with content rather than words. For example, if the query is posed: "what's Sally's criminal background?", then BAIDER will provide the evidence, without any narrative.
  • Has a running process continuously scanning for "opportunities", such as:
    • Public distribution of new UN "Wanted" lists
    • Unencrypted Communications referring to or by UN Wanted individuals
    • Nearby asteroids or other bodies with easily accessible precious metals
    • Transponder and visual detection of ships flagged as "Missing, presumed lost" for possibility of salvage
    • Legal & licensed freight transport gigs (with estimated profit)
    • SOS distress calls (it is common to charge for rescue transport - many voyagers have rescue insurance)