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Aughra, hobgoblin priestess o the Makalaka tribe

From Blood on the Snow, a hobgoblin priestess/witch of the Makalaka tribe.

From GM Notes:

Backstory: The Nord traded with a tribe of hobgoblins 50 miles to the south -- a week's journey. They call themselves Makalaka, and relied on the Nord for tools and enjoyed the spiced mead for which they'd supply the honey. The Makalaka would bring meat and furs and honey to the Nord.

After the decimation of the Nord's warriors, some Makalaka got ambitious and thought to enslave the Nord. Many Makalaka said this would result in their eternal damnation, and when Makalaka war-scouts approached and found the village emptied, it was concluded that this was their punishment for scheming and plotting. No more Nord, no more mead, no more tools, no more trading peacefully. The Nord are gone!

The Makalaka witches took it upon themselves to bring the Nord back – by keeping a fire burning so they could find their home again and come back from whatever interspatial pocket or plane of limbo or layer of hell to which they'd been banished. Aughra is one such, and she's been here 10 years.

Aughra, grunting, heaving, huge chest swaying, tusks jutting out, Sa-lay-kum, chak-a-lip! Bar-chatka maka-maka! It work! You Nord, come home!

She'll assume the rest of the Nord are on their way up the cliff and rush-waddle over to see how many are coming. Disappointment. Where the Nord???

She has a thin soup cooking on a fire that she'll offer-- passing around the little stone pot and wooden spoon. It's just boiled whole mice and lentils.

  • She is capable of making herbal preparations with magical effects, including Warmth, Sure-Footedness (offsets Bad Footing), and Healing Slumber.