Lyvian's Fire

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This was not a campaign, but a novel in our game world written by User:Johnm. Released April 2016: Buy and review Lyvian's Fire now.



Other Lords:


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The Militias

  1. There were lanky spearmen from Sempredium, faces painted gray with mud, chanting in their native tongue.
  2. Skulking swordsman born high on the Zitijan Steppe, wrapped in furs, their long mustaches bedecked with sparkling beads, walked silently, their thin black eyes glancing around.
  3. They were followed by two companies of disciplined Talathesian soldiers, their tall shields held forward, broad-bladed shortswords at the ready.
  4. Mounted archers of the Muhtenkhamen Desert emerged next, wrapped in gray robes, riding without reins, their hardy little ponies snorting and stomping, eager to gallop into a fight.
  5. Bandits of the Scorched Plains, in their traditional red turbans and pointed shoes, sang an anthem in their strange tongue, curved sabers held aloft.
  6. A squad of female assassins, clad in black from head to toe and trained at the mystic monasteries of the Hammu Range, padded along soundlessly, faces ashen.

Rough Timeline

  • March: Lyvian flees Cormire
  • April: Vasker is returning from Elves while Lyvian and Skardsen meet and hatch a plan
  • May: Vasker travels to Cormire with Selena
    • Skardsen arrives, meets with Baxter
    • Baxter sends Vasker out of city on an errand
  • Summer: Vasker doing his duty but feels excluded
  • Fall 15: Anomalies detected, Catherine summons Vasker
  • ??? stuff happens