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In Into The Black, a game played by the 'defects' on Arcturus Beta. Players are called Juggers.

The object is for the Runner to carry a dog skull the length of the field and drop it the other side's 55-gallon drum. Six-person teams help make that happen. Only the Runner and Support may carry the skull -- Support only if the Runner is down and out for the rest of the match.

After a point is scored, the skull is given to the other team at the far end of the field.

  • Masher gets a huge freaking club (Maul, P274)
  • Runner gets nothing, must keep both hands on dog's skull until with 5m of 55-gallon drum. (is allowed kick and run)
  • Spike gets a javelin (P273), not allowed to throw it
  • Shield has a huge shield, generally protects runner.
  • Support (x2) – no weapons, can kick, punch, grapple, steal the skull and give it to runner immediately or carry it if runner is down and out (for the entire match).

Play to 3 points or when one team captain surrenders.