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We play various genres and timeperiods and we can use the wiki to store it all.

For our Fantasy campaigns:

The Known World consists of three large land masses, Icelund, Toril, and Kara-Tur. We have Maps of Kara-Tur.

Icelund is largely uninhabited by civilized folk, where vast glaciers and unknown expanses of icy wasteland are home only to the hardiest of arctic creatures.

Separated from Toril and Kara-Tur by the five to nine hundred mile wide Frozen Sea, the southern shore of Icelund is peppered with deep and narrow fjords and rocky coastal islands. The hardy sea-going folk who sparsely populate the few dozen towns and villages along the sea subsist on a diet of fish and seaweed. The largest town in Icelund is Zurich, a community of around 50,000 humans, dwarves, and gnomes. Mining camps and timber operations outside Zurich produce the raw materials to be traded with the merchants of Pendathaway.

Toril is an island continent south and west of Icelund some one thousand miles east-to-west and five hundred miles north-to-south. It is largely settled and six diverse kingdoms coexist relatively peacefully. The sprawling city of Pendathaway graces its eastern shore.

Kara-Tur is larger, approximately four thousand miles square, southeast of Toril. The continent is divided by a great mountain range and vast interior desert basin, and civilizations of the West and East have only begun regular contact and trade in the last hundred years.

Two kingdoms control the civilized lands of the West, though the northern lands of Drannor are no more than feudal city-states, with regional aristocratic lords concerning themselves only with the hundred miles or so surrounding their walled cities. As such, roads between the city-states are generally in disrepair and plagued by bandits and perils of all varieties. To the south, the kingdom of Durkin is ruled by a benevolent king from the capital, Camlin.

South of Durkin is a secluded and idyllic forest surrounded by massive and jagged peaks called Silverdale, ancient and sacred home to the several Elven clans.

The East is a land of venerable domed and spired temples, mysticism, sorcery, and thousand-year dynasties. The southwestern region of the East is a sandy desert, save for a narrow verdant strip along the great River Ra, which flows south to the Salton Sea. To the southeast, jungles, swamps, and occasional volcanic mountains are home to a grand and ancient culture famous for the sprawling city-states of Sri, Vishnu, and Hazballah. The arid northeast is home to nomadic barbarian horseman who periodically attempt raids on the massive walled fortresses of regional warlords.

The vast interior, or The Endless Waste, is a desert basin in the rain shadow of the immense Ozgarn Mountains. Portions of the Endless Waste are thousands of feet below sea-level, and swirl with choking dust year-round. What little rainfall the Waste experiences runs in seasonal creeks into the poisonous Sea of Death, a toxic and shallow inland sea.