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Darkwood is a thick and misty conifer forest, filled with gullies and boulders, hanging mosses and gurgling creeks. It is home to all manner of evil forest creatures, from night hags and trolls to wraiths and wyverns. It is said that more than one green dragon resides deep in these woods, as well.

It is bisected by the steep-sided rocky canyon created by the North River.

Aside from the Arcanian Outpost 80 miles south of Nottingham, scattered tribes of primitives, elves, centaurs, satyrs and other forest folk are all that resembles civilization in this sprawling woodland.

In the far northeast, one may find the Nord.

Houses the ruins of Malan Koe.

Home of Kellias the elven ranger who rides a dire wolf, and Dorian the Lord of the DarkWood elves.





Location: Map 1